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SSID name change/disable

We should be allowed to change the name of the SSID to something that isn’t labeled Arlo so we aren’t advertising we have cameras hidden around our residence. This isn’t asking to make the base stations network to be invisible. Just allow us the ability to change the name to something else so no one is aware that a house has cameras.


We're the only dummies to use Arlo in the neighborhood. The cameras and doorbell are a dead giveaway. It would be nice to make it just a little more difficult for someone to know which SSID is Arlo's.


James, because I don’t live in a crowded neighborhood - just a few houses. A burglar could figure out it is my house extremely easily 


Arlo should give us the option to disable it after setup.

i have many wifi relays/bases from alot of different companies, that use its own wifi during setup what if they all broadcasted there individual SSID after setup 🙂 id have 20-30 different SSID broscasting around the neighborhood! Arlo is just poor design and people need to stop defending this stupid **bleep**.


What tittle says.

Thank you very much.


allow user to change the ssid name for base station or factory default a diff name that is not so obvious “ARLO” in the ID name. 


Please create a tool to disable WiFi broadcasting. I know this has been requested in the past and the response is to the effect of "A hacker with a snooper can find your WiFi so why bother". I don't want an ordinary (non-hacker) know I have Arlo cameras. This just makes it one step easier for someone to break into your system.  Arlo needs to create tool to disable broadcasting.


Up to now, STILL NO software update to let user change SSID name in the basestation.  This request was raised out since 2015, is it too difficult to make this software update?  Why not fulfill customer needs? Customer centric are very important, otherwise customer will leave away from you.


I'm still in the 30 day return period so this is just another nail for the coffin:

-the horrible latency

-the inability to locally access my videos unless I remove my storage device from the base,

-and now this.

Why is it so hard to understand and accept that some people would prefer not to have the SSID announce a security camera system is nearby.

Good grief!


The latency is probably your upload speed, generally you need 3-4mbps per camera. I have 7 Ultra cameras and my latency is only 1-2 seconds. 

I am able to access footage that is stored locally on the SD card remotely via the app so not sure why you can’t? 



My upload speed is greater than 25MBPS, and only one camera right now.  I wish I had delay/latency between movement and an alert notification of only 1-2 secs.  That's fantastic.

Yes, you're right.  I can download the videos from my smart hub's USB memory via the app to my phone.