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SSID name change/disable

We should be allowed to change the name of the SSID to something that isn’t labeled Arlo so we aren’t advertising we have cameras hidden around our residence. This isn’t asking to make the base stations network to be invisible. Just allow us the ability to change the name to something else so no one is aware that a house has cameras.


I know this has been discussed before but I didn't know up until now that the SSID is labeled ARLO for the whole neighborhood or anyone walking by to see. I'm not wanting to make it hidden as I know that causes problems with connecting cameras and other problems. But Arlo NEEDS to give us the option to simply change the name of the network in order to not advertise that you have an Arlo camera set up. Advertising that you have a camera basically just lets people know you have something to steal. I regret buying this camera for this reason alone. Cameras typically do not deter criminals therefore having the network advertised makes it worse. Please Arlo implement an update allowing us to change the SSID name to something less obvious.

@Jamesb29 wrote:

I know this has been discussed before ...


Oh so true. Ad nauseam. So don't expect much more here.


Why does my Arlo base station broadcast its SSID and is that a security risk?


Solved: ARLO Base, change/hide SSID? - Arlo Community


One to add here?


Arlo Idea Exchange - Arlo Communities


It is probably there already.


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The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Thank you. Hoping you guys can implement this much needed feature. It’s long overdue!

I made sure to add it to their add an idea section. Thank you for pointing me to that! It’s crazy to me that this is not an option for a “security” system.

@Jamesb29 wrote:
It’s crazy to me that this is not an option for a “security” system.

Perhaps it isn't a security issue and people are getting worked up over nothing.


After all, we all buy front-door locks with "Yale" or "Chub" written on them. Fortunately, you need the rights keys to be able to get in.


a thief would assume you have door locks but they don't need to know your place has security cams.  With the Arlo name showing they can just look on their phone to see it.  Now an experienced thief would look for them and have even cut internet cables to disable them.  But not every thief has shown intelligence.  lol



@LandJS wrote:

a thief would assume you have door locks but they don't need to know your place has security cams. 


FWIW, in my case they can easily see the cameras.  So there's no reason for them to look on their phone for the SSID.  


I tend to agree with @michaelkenward that this isn't much of a security issue here.  But I don't see any reason why Arlo couldn't switch to an SSID that doesn't have "Arlo" in it. 


I do my best to keep them in places not easily seen unless you were intentionally looking for them, one is even located in a bird feeder (with no feed of course lol)  I use skins to help with that and at night you would never see them until they trigger.  Though I'm sure there are those such as yourself, I am just as sure there are others like me.  Now if there was a purpose to advertise it as Arlo fine not that big a deal but is it.

I’m right there with you on this. It’s totally fine if some want to keep their cameras visible and don’t mind the network being obvious but some of us prefer the cameras to be a sneak attack on criminal activity around our residence. It’s crazy to me to not just give us the option to just rename our Arlo network.
Love your bird feeder camera as well! Haha