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Geofencing - Removing old/unused devices from Geofencing settings



Recently i purchased a new iPhone and now when i use the Geo or push notifications it shows my new iphone and my old iphone.  how can i delete my old iPhone from the Arlo App?







Don't feel bad... just took a quick look and was able to toggle two devices on/off but didn't see the delete either

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I have escalated and requested additional clarification on this topic. To be sure your settings behave as expected, make sure the unwanted device in your list is disabled so there is no conflict with your new device.


Geofencing is still a Beta feature at this time and the engineering team is working hard to improve it. We appreciate any and all feedback related to this feature.



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Same problem. Can't delete enabled devices!


Is this problem ever going to be solved? Allowing users to delete enabled devices?

Yeah. This a very lame. I needed to allow netgear support access to my arlo system for troubleshooting and now I have someone's cell phone in India permanently listed as one of my trusted devices. Sure I've disabled it, but this seems like something malware would do, not a legitimate application.

Has this been resolved yet?  I am having trouble having Arlo automatically enable when BOTH my wife and I are outside the zone.  I was going to see if deleting the number and re-adding it would resolve the issue.

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Consider refreshing your enabled devices within Geofencing settings. Disable all listed devices, save and then enable the devices again.


Log in to your Arlo Account (the primary) and navigate to Mode > select your Arlo system > edit Geofencing > click "Enabled devices". Toggle all of the listed devices off and save. After you have finished saving, navigate back to "Enabled devices" and toggle all desired devices back on and save.




When I called Netgear for support I didn't think I'd end up with a strangers cell phone from India hard coded on my device/account.


How can I remove this strangers phone off my device list altogether?!?!


Netgear, this is something that malware or a rootkit does! E-Lame Netgear!!!!  Fix this!!!  And while you're at it, why don't you consider US support for US customers, like a lot of US companies are doing...?



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At this time, devices cannot be removed from the Geofencing list. The list indicates devices that have logged in to the account in the past. Any undesired devices can be toggled off.