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New Wireless Warning Light Device Needed for Hearing Impaired Persons

This would be for notifying / Alerting elderly persons that are hearing impaired. This is needed because in some cases you need to alert your elderly hearing impaired parent to do something, like answer the hearing impaired phone.


Here is an example of why this is needed:


My parent is hearing impaired and cannot hear when his hearing impaired telephone rings. It would be a nice feature to be able to turn on a read flashing light that is in the home of the hearing impaired person. You would activate the Red Flashing Warning Devise from your Arlo phone or PC Ap. When the light goes off the hearing impaired person knows to pick up the phone.


What I am asking for is for Arlo to develop this wireless warning light device. It would be sold as an add on feature in your product line. Your Applications would need to be modified to be able to turn on or off the warning light. Off course you would be able to see if the light is on or off by viewing it from one of the remote cameras as well.

KP Novice