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Disable "Leave a message" feature on Doorbell

It would be great if you could turn off the "Leave a Message" feature of the doorbell.


This could also be Geo-fence based?



Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!

 It would be even better if they had a camera attached to the doorbell 


Totally agree. I would like the option to disable it.


It's vital to be able to remove this feature! the actual user experience doens't match up to the product vision. My actual experiences:

- Broadcasts to person that there is nobody in the house (potentially dangerous).

- trigger-happy bell-pressers who seem incapable of just pressing a button once (like our daily courier) end up calling leaving a message prematurely accidentally.

- people who ring for other reasons, like the gardener who might ring twice to let us know he has arrived before promptly heading off to the shed, ends up accidentally leaving a messge etc




I can imagine situations where leaving a message would be iseful for some people, but those are the minority of cases, which means this feature MUST be optional. 


I think simply the case of being able to use the Doorbell, as ....ahem....a doorbell, but use the phone as a ringer/chime is a nice simple request.   Disabling the reject (and hence the leave-a-message feature) AND accept button would be super useful


Please please please can you add functionality so that the Doorbell can be used as just a doorbell. They press, it chimes. They press again, it chimes again. The standard setting is confusing to all that come to my front door. I’m sure many users love the current “leave a message” function but it should be optional. Please?

Anyone else who would like the option to disable the leave message feature please leave a quick post or just your name and hopefully if we get enough people they might do something about it. Thanks.

Sign me up! 



it may be better served to post here in the "wish list"


I would also like to disable the leave a message “feature” please.