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SSID name change/disable

We should be allowed to change the name of the SSID to something that isn’t labeled Arlo so we aren’t advertising we have cameras hidden around our residence. This isn’t asking to make the base stations network to be invisible. Just allow us the ability to change the name to something else so no one is aware that a house has cameras.


yeah the bird feeder is on a 6 ft pole at the drive entrance with a black skin so it looks like a bird, don't think anyone will know it till it triggers lol.


@LandJS wrote:

 Though I'm sure there are those such as yourself, I am just as sure there are others like me.  

I'm sure of that too - which is why I said I'd be fine if Arlo took "Arlo" out of their SSID.


Arlo users should at least have a choice, to call it anything else or to hide it if they so wished. A lot of different opinions out there, on whether that would make it any more secure. Regardless, It should still be the users choice.

Anybody can have their saying about it, I still like my network SSID hidden and always rename it something different from default name. Nice to see most router makers allow for this.



@Paul_FCCL wrote:

Arlo users should at least have a choice, to call it anything else or to hide it if they so wished.


Personally I think it's enough to just remove "Arlo" from the SSID name.


Renaming the SSID does create some additional complications for onboarding cameras.  Of course Arlo has already dealt with those issues to some degree for the Q, Baby, and Video Doorbell - which can connect to home wifi.  But they would need to do some more work to accomodate onboarding to a base station with a user-configured SSID.


Hiding the SSID has some negative consequences on power use - and does nothing to improve security.  I don't see them implementing that.


@Paul_FCCL wrote:

A lot of different opinions out there, on whether that would make it any more secure.


I think its because people have different ideas on what "making it more secure" actually means.


Changing the SSID and hiding the SSID do not improve network security in any way - that's just a simple fact.  As far as WiFi jamming goes, if I wanted to defend against WiFi cameras detecting me, I'd just use a jammer all the time.  Why bother to look for an SSID at all?  


Concealing the cameras clearly does increase the physical security of the cameras - making it less likely that they would be stolen or trashed. Making it impossible to tell if a wifi network is Arlo [or not] might somewhat reduce the risk of camera theft.  Maybe someone would take the trouble to do a drive-by looking for Arlo SSIDs???  I'm not 100% convinced, but I do get the concern - and removing Arlo from the SSID seems to be a fairly simple thing for them to do.  


I don't see how it increases the physical security of the property - generally I think thieves who know security cameras are in use either won't care - or will just shift their attention to a neighboring property where they aren't in use.  There are plenty of targets for them after all.  So making it obvious that cameras are in use ought to improve physical security of the property itself.  That's why Arlo provides those stickers.  Maybe I'm missing something there?



@StephenB :


…… point exactly, we all have our preferences. Aside from the fact that not many people (at least in my town) go around our streets with WiFi jammers and my neighbours don't need to know my network name. We're not talking about sophisticated, high tech bullet-proof security here. Yes anyone who wants to hack your WiFi that badly will find a way to do it, I'm just betting on the fact that most people around our neighbourhood don't intend to do that.

Also it wouldn't be difficult at all for Arlo to allow users input (with the app) at the initial system setup stage.

Need to focus on the point: "it should be an option" and let users choose.



Exactly. Everyone is getting off topic with their situations and set ups. The point is they should give us this option. It’s not rocket science. It’s also not harmful to the system to just simply change the name. What that does is make the household with cameras not obvious. When you live in an area with a lot of walking traffic it can point out, hey that house has something to hide.

I know that doesn’t make the system Unhackable. And to those that keep talking about invisible SSID, I’m not asking for that as I know that is a problem and not really possible. Just let us rename the SSID. It wouldn’t be impossible to pair the cameras with a renamed network ID.

This is a good idea. I thought of this yesterday when I saw the exact model number of the hub in the WiFi list. That seems silly to me. 


Ssid name change plus turn off ssid broadcast


This is a dealbreaker, Arlo! To allow the entire neighborhood to see that your house has Arlo cameras is just bad security design! You might think it is no risk from hackers, but it minimally is announcing to the world that you have a security system and even tells them what kind to look for in the trees and eaves. Please please please redesign the hub so we can name the broadcast wifi name to something inconspicuous. You are a security company for pete's sake!!!!!!


How will anyone know it’s coming from your house and not your neighbours house ?