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adjustable alert zone shapes and zone dependant alerts

Come on... I need alarms only on my front and interior doors.  trapezoidal zones is the answer not third grade programmers with squares and rectangles.  Prove to the world that you can do better.




Thanks for listening



When configuring an Activity Zone the ONLY option of a basic rectangle is insufficient.  This feature needs enhancement.  Our deployments and geographies don't always fit into perfectly shaped rectangles.  When deploying an Activity Zone the option needs to exist for a free-formed box.  Each corner can be positioned to where it needs to be.  In the attached example you can see how basic rectangles do not let you define a zone that excludes the road.  The entirety of the sidewalk cannot be fit into a rectangle.

If Arlo allowed for free-formed boxes with each corner able to be positioned where it needs to, I could draw a box around the yard/sidewalk and exclude the street with ONE activity zone box.


I have engaged Arlo on July 8th 2019, regarding the ability to set up the activity zones on the Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Go cams the same way you can on the Ultra cams. I have 15 Arlo Pro 2's, 2 Arlo GO's and 3 Ultras deployed, and right now all you can do on the Arlo 2 and Go's is either squares or rectangles and you cannot customize the shaping of the activity zone which causes a lot of false alarms and forces you to shrink your zones which is not good either. Wondering why Arlo engineering has yet to update the firmware to allow the Pro 2 cams to do this. I have 20 cams deployed and not about to upgrade to Ultras because the firmware is lacking this ability. What say you Arlo how will you plan for this. Especially for stock holders like myself as well as clients using the product.





This is not a new idea, actually a lot of oldeschool CCTV systems already had it ages ago and it works brilliantly, not on ARLO devices, unfortunately...


So I've got a subscription for what should be normal free option or is on any older CCTV systems and for whatever reason you have to create "thousands" of zones if you want to be precise, when you could just draw on the fine grid screen in one go any zones you want. Simple, clean and effective and could be any shape you want!


Also, your zones don't work! I get useless notifications/false alarms of the action outside the set zones all the time!


Not only that but connecting to camera is slow. The video, if motion is detected starts in mid action and cuts off while the action is still happening...go figure...anyway, please work on improving, because right now the UI usabilty and performance impressions are really below average...




I'm surprised this is not even offered after almost one year of the first suggestion. It should never be a suggestion in the first place as it is common-sense to make it available??


I have all three zones set up and there are parts that are uncovered, and that's pretty dumb. Apologizes for the rude comments, I'm just annoyed.




I have experienced the same shortfalls that have been commented on in this thread.  Arlo you need to step up because the competition has and you guys are slow to roll on the obviously use of AI and Features that are already in place elsewhere and for a heck of a lot less money. Not to mention for the price, what are you all waiting for to switch for digital to optical zooms? The pixilation is terrible and full zoom even with the Ultra CAMS. I have an Amcrest that blows the ULTRA away when zoomed in.  Come on guys. Do I need to dump my stock and invest in a competitor who is not behind the technology? And when are you pulling the package detection out of BETA and going final? It has been in beta for months and frankly I have never gotten any notification of any of my packages and I have it activate under my Elite subscription? 


The activity zone is very limited. Is it possible to add something other than a square or rectangle? My street runs at an angle to my camera, it would be nice to be able to draw angles so I can block out the entire street. Can you please add a free form draw so we can create an exact zone? Also, can you add the ability to set a zone to record only, message only, neither, and both? I would like to be able to record motion on my sidewalk but only send a text if someone walks in my yard. Thanks.

Hello Forum, here is my recent direct feeback to the folks at customer support. Arlo needs to step up their game.

1.  Being able to access the interface on at least 2 device at the same time vs 1. With 2 Factor Auth and Trusted Device abilities we should be allowed to access from more than 1 device, especially from a Tablet and Phone, or have the options to scale beyond 2 if we want that we can control and be responsible for. Arlo can disclaimer all they want and set expectation on performance issues surrounding this. For the price we should be able to do this. 

2. Need to move from digital to optical zooms. To much granulization/pixelated results and unable to fully zoom in on small objects, license plates, faces, and so on. 

3. Need to upgrade all cams to do polygon activity zones

4. Get passed the package detection beta already!

5. Be able to add trusted devices (WHITELIST/ACL) in the interface directly

6. Be able to set up geofencing

7. Regardless of POE or Wireless, when you have a decent internet connection which in my case is 235mb down/16mb up be able to view more than 5 cameras live at a time in the interface with degradation

8. Facial recognition is not that great at distances beyond 10 feet

9 Develop a wireless cam that pan and scans. Amcrest does this brilliantly


I have Amcrest cams also and I can tell you that in some of these items above they clearly outperform Arlo. 

And why would Arlo introduce the PRO 3 with no ability to polygon activity zones and optical zooms. You should not expect any user who have Pro 2's or even 3's to spend the amount of money on Ultras just to get these features. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! Especially being all these cams are expensive already in their current build and feature capabilities. 


As a stock holder it makes me wonder if I should reconsider my investment when there are companies out there competing for less cost and giving more.  


Would be nice to be able to select activity zones not just in square/rectangle but to different shapes. Maybe by being able to drag each corner in different direction and ability to add points/corners

@pietrzej wrote:
Would be nice to be able to select activity zones not just in square/rectangle but to different shapes. 

FWIW, the Ultra already has that.  However, the Pro 3 doesn't.


I hope they will make it on all other arlo cameras