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Wireless Motion Detection Zone

Only allowing the ability to create a motion detection zone if the pro 2 is hardwired totally defeats the point of Arlo wireless cameras. If I wanted to hardwire I’d choose the Nest. I think there should be a software upgrade to allow the ability to make the zones while running wireless even if it sacrifices battery life.

Man you are a genius, this is a perfect idea.  This need to get upvoted more


Yep agreed with comments by "Sunnydeez"


This just a matter of software upgrade Netgear can and should extend this "Zoning" functionality to all Arlo Pro if not all Arlo users. Along with functions like.


a) The ability to pair different sets of cameras in a muti camera setup and set them to "Arm or Disarm" on the fly and individually choose if the should send notification and /or record.


b) Access to the router setting so that the wireless  channel can be set. This abilty is essential if you live in an area with high wifi traffic.


I am pretty certain I am not the first to mention this, and won't be the last!

Come on Netgear lets go!!




The challenge is that in order for zone detection to work, it has to constantly record.  It would literally run 24/7.  That's why it requires A/C, because you'd be recharging every two days.  Also, you can't set zone with the IR detector, because that's just not how it works, it's very much a broad "net" looking for motion, and can't be focused in any way.


Don't get me wrong, I'd love the option.  No harm in having the option in the UI, with some battery usage warnings.  Because, hey, it makes it more flexible and  in case someone does want to monitor specific zones for a day or two.


I'm on the fence about buying two more cameras. When I saw the announcement for the new Arlo Pro 2 camera I thought that would be my next choice but after reading this post that the camera has to be hard wired to make zone detection work makes purchasing this camera a non-starter for me. 


Does the new camera require hard wired power, hard wired modem connection, or both? If it's just hard wired power then a solar powered system might be an option for outdoor cameras.


I just got my camera's up and running and have 3 cameras connected to AC power and the motion detection zones work great, minimizing the amount of BS recordings as cars drive by the house or dogs walk around the back yard.  I have one camera connected to the solar panel.  If the wire were long enough, I could get it to the ridgeline on the roof and it would be perfect.  As it is right now it only shows connected to AC power when the sun is right on it.  It gets completely charged to 100%, but as soon as the sun is off the panel I lose AC power connection and there goes my motion detection zones even though my battery is at 100%.  Upgrade the software or give me a longer cord Arlo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So frustrating.


Similar and simple:


I have 4 cameras and I want different recording modes for each camera. 


Camera 1 motion recording business hours only

Camera 2 after hours only

Camera 3 continuous recording 24 x 7

Camera 4 delivery text during business hours


How many total cameras can I synch up to my base station? I have read only 5 and seen on videos up to 15.


Ditto the feature request, mentioned on other forums and upvoted here. Do we need to call Elon Musk to make it happen? 😉


+1, i just setup one at my front dorr, i am going crazy, every time there is a car in the street i get a notification, i don't have much distance from the road so i am not able to avoid the road in the camera view.


Agree!  It's my battery, and I want to decide how I want to use it.


Agree, miss the zone feature which I set on my samsung $90 camera. Understood that it needs wired for power, I'm fine with that. Make the feature available on Arlo Pro also. I guess, I'll be returning my arlo to the store in 30 days.