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Temporarily suspend video and audio recording

It would be nice to have a mode called "Temporarily Suspend" that disables the current mode for a set period of time (30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr, etc).  This would allow a user to turn off all cameras but they would automatically return to the previous mode after the set period of time.

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The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Totally agree - temporary disable is a much needed feaure.  If someone is home when we are out, really need to able to disable for an hour or three, and then it automatically reverts to normal.  It is too easy to forget to turn it back on.


I also came here to suggest this.  It would be a very useful feature.  Thank you!


This is needed! Hello. Such a simple feature


Motion not working

Motion not working

How is this feature not implemented yet? It will take a developer max one day to do this. Just do it. As people say. If you know you Will trigger the motion you want to conserve battery by turning it off...but as we are humans, we tend to forget to turn the cameras back on which defeats the whole purpose of having the cameras in the first place.


Friendly PSA...

If you have kids home from school today, you will most likely have to manually change the mode of your Arlo system.  Don’t forget to re-arm tomorrow!


I could use some help hammering away at this issue.


Couldn't agree more. I have my camera set up on a front porch and sometimes I like to sit out front and relax. The camera will end up recording all of my motion. And it's easy to forget re-arming (and that's an extra step anyway). 


In the camera device settings located in the app, rather than just being able to toggle the camera "on" or "off", I would like a "temporarily off" option with a selectable time range.

If I'm going to be active within the camera range and don't want constant alerts I would turn the camera off and not always remember to turn it back on. I would like to be able to turn it off for a selected time (from 10 minutes to several hours) after which time it would turn itself back on.