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Battery ONLY Powered Option for Outdoor use (Like Arlo Q)

Due to the expense of buying these batteries, why wouldn't we have the option to use electric to power these things? I KNOW we can buy rechargeables, but electric would be best for many reasons. Any plans to accomodate that?


Another camera due to be released any day now is the Arlo Q is ac powered


Look at


Please build a wire free indoor/outdoor siren similar to the cameras which syncs through the hub and can also be turned on through the App and rules ,this will make the whole system complete with the ultimate home security system.



Isnt the Arlo Q ONLY for indoor use? I need outdoor only cams...


Yes, Q is for indoors but may be useful looking through windows since the motion detection does not use IR which is blocked by the glass.  You still wouldn't be able to use night vision since the IR illuminators would reflect from the glass and swamp your video but outdoor lighting would mitigate this.


thanks for the tip. i'd like one that is made for outside and is powered. much cheaper to use electricity than to use up these batteries. i do have rechargeables and will see how i like them but should not be rocket science to provide customers what they want.


That's a "yeah, but..." It wouldn't be a wireless system with a power cord. More devices may be on the way but we have no idea.

Yeah, but....

Yeah, a few of us just need an outdoor version of he Arlo Q

Be daring and try mounting it in a box!  Smiley Happy Of course, you wouldn't be able to use the IR illuminators due to reflection but it could be done.  It's a very wide angle lens, though (130 degrees which is comparable to about a 10mm fisheye on a 35mm camera) so it captures a very wide area, making cropped shots (for identification at a distance?) to be a potential issue.


I was excited to see the arlo system. I anm sure it fits many customer,s needs. However, I am out of town for extented periods of time and the present camera batteries would not last until I return. What would be nice is an outside camera that is WIRELESS and can work on AC POWER. That way I can be asured I would have coverage for extended periods of time.

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