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Outdoor alarm add-on or accessory to scare away intruder without waking neighborhood

-- I'm suggesting an External siren I can choose to *pulse quickly* a few short blasts --  or let it go continuously for 30 secs., or 60 secs., etc.

-- In the Forum, it lists the outdoor alarm issue as Solved ----- but it is *not* solved.

 Only a Dlink workaround was suggested -- and it was noted that the Dlink alarm connected thru IFTTT is *not*loud enough to scare away intruder.


-- Controllable alarm is requested --  because


----- you don't want to wake the entire neighborhood if you are successful in scaring the burglar away with just a pulse or short blast of the Alarm. A controllable accessory Alarm you could mount inside (or outside) would make this system very solid. 


----- If the person persists, you could sound a louder alarm for a longer period, so that neighbors will call police or be warned there is danger in the area.


Scaring away the intruder is crucial --because thieves often *do not mind being on camera* and they know that police never show up in time to stop them from stealing.


------ A burglar who does not hear a loud alarm will simply continue robbing the house--even if he has seen or stolen your Arlo camera already..


So the Arlo system needs a loud, outdoor, controllable-from-the-app alarm.

(Contollable as to volume and length of alarm blast.)




Would love an external siren 


A wifi battery/mains-powered alarm that you could activate through the app and scare away intruders would be intruders a great addition.

Why oh why Arlo does have a spotlight with alarm trigger us beyond me. A outdoor weatherproof battery or not siren! Come on arlo.

A post was submitted back in 2016 requesting an Arlo external siren. A solution was suggested to use a 3rd party siren from DLink integrated with IFTTT. I am currently using a similar solution based on IFTTT using the following product.

Smart Wifi Siren Alarm 120dB with Multiple Sound Selection, Home and Office Automation Security Alar... 


It works 'OK'. There is a delay of approx 8-10 seconds while IFTTT executes and the siren is limited to running for 1 minute as it executes as a scene. To complement this I have also used IFTTT to trigger a panic siren on my ISmartAlarm which will run for longer or until it is switched off using app or key fob. I have two sirens (designed to be internal) but housed externally to deliver this. All feels a bit half baked to honest. The big issue is your reliance on an active internet connection and the speed at which these services (IFTTT) can respond.


As other posters have mentioned, the issue with an internal siren on the base station are :-

1) It highlights were the base station to all cameras are to any intruder. Simply disable this! Likely by damaging it and any nearby expensive equipment also i.e. TV, Router, Speaker etc.

2) Neighbors, security staff cannot hear it as its inside the property.

3) It limits the location to where is can be placed as it needs to be in wired proximity to the main router.

4) Is of no use if the are of the property you are monitoring isnt attached to your house as siren will go off inside and not in the garage, i.e. garden shed or garage.


I understand you can add additional Arlo base stations, but it will require some home made effort to add externally. I'm not keen on doing this with mains power for safety reasons (water and electric don't mix) also if the power is cut buy the intruder it will turn off.


I understand designing such a device will require a constant connection. Cameras and doorbell push an event, so constant connection is not needed, more a heartbeat meaning much less power is needed. However, even such a device requires use of solar, or constant power it will offer a true security system. Ideally a self contained unit for water resistance, and decent length power cable (8 feet) that can be fed through a wall.


Please can you consider designing a battery operated, or battery backed external siren offering. You are obviously constantly developing new products as the range seems to grow every 6 months with new additions of camera, light and doorbell. But please address the basics of an alarm system... an external siren!




I'm also looking for a siren to add to my arlo system.


This might solve the issue with Arlo notifications not being able to bypass Do Not Disturb on iOS...even though Apple has made it possible with just several lines of code to do so since iOS 12. (see idea and please upvote here:


Anyway...I could put one of these in my bedroom to ensure I am awakened if one of the cameras is triggered. Would rather just have them update the phone app since that's easy for them and free for us but I'm not hopeful given Arlo's record.


I too would like to suggest an external siren.  Would prefer not battery operated (but will live with battery only solution).  After viewing cameras, if I detect an intruder I would like to manually enable sirens.  Would install 2 sirens, one outside and one inside the building.  


My base station is in a closet and no one can hear the siren.  I would like to install two external sirens -  one outside in courtyard and another in a vulnerable area inside the building.  I want these sirens to be remotely triggered through WiFi.  Can work independently from Arlo.


@nealhayden wrote:

My base station is in a closet and no one can hear the siren.  I would like to install two external sirens -  one outside in courtyard and another in a vulnerable area inside the building.  I want these sirens to be remotely triggered through WiFi.  Can work independently from Arlo.

Perhaps vote for and add your comments to this idea:


I agree. ARLO should be able to add additional external alarms to any base station the will sound just as loud as the base station internal alarm. I wouldn't worry about waking the neighbors if someone is trying to break into your home. I would well think such noise would scare anyone away.