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IFTTT Better integration. Alternative to Geo fencing


I set up an IFTTT account in my name. Then under "My Applets/Services. Selected Arlo and logged into my base station (as the master account).
Screenshot_20170810-120013.pngThen I made widgets to arm and disarm Arlo. Personally I made a green "Arm Arlo Button" and a Red "Do disarm Arlo Button". These are all pre made, just go to the "search" section, and search Arlo. I then Made widgets for the Arm and Disarm on my phones home screen.Screenshot_20170810-120023.png


 Also I created 2 Applets. "If you enter and area Disarm Arlo" and "If you exit and area Arm Arlo" Ignore the what it says about IOS, I have these working on Android. There are official Arlo made applets, I used the ones made by "Chromeuser 1" or you can make your own, its very easy.


When you have installed these, refine the map, default map is San Francisco. And turn on. 


So that is my phone sorted. But now to emulate Arlo's "last out first in" Geofencing function.


Create another IFTTT account for my wife (with her own login and password, not the same as mine)
Then, and most importantly. Go to My Applets/Services, Select Arlo, and login in as the master user.
The repeat making widgets and Applets as above.

Now, all you do is.... go out. If a user is still at home the system will not arm...untill either you use your "arm" button, or you leave the area (home). And it will not disarm untill a user enters the area. Or you use your Disarm button.

If you are like me, you will try to monitor the changes in mode, on you Android Arlo app. Do not waste your time, it is far to slow, and will crash. Log into a PC and you will see changes in mode happen live.

In conclusion this is so much better for arming and disarming Arlo, and a much better alternative to Geofencing.

Delay of about 5 -10 seconds in Arming and disarming system using widgets. But this is a thousand times better than the "waiting for status" and freezing of app in Arlo. Which can take minutes, rather than seconds.

Making the applets and widgtes per user is time consuming. Would be nice if you could export them. Maybe you can, I have not tried.

Can not make widgets for "Schedule" Modes, and "Custom" Modes.

Have not worked out how to notify other users, when Arlo is armed/disarmed.


Also I must metion that this can all be done at With the exception of refineing your map.


Overall... I am happy now.... Netgear have a conversation with IFTTT, and incorparate this into you app as I have described above. It makes it some much more useful and a lot less frustrating.