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Outdoor alarm add-on or accessory to scare away intruder without waking neighborhood

-- I'm suggesting an External siren I can choose to *pulse quickly* a few short blasts --  or let it go continuously for 30 secs., or 60 secs., etc.

-- In the Forum, it lists the outdoor alarm issue as Solved ----- but it is *not* solved.

 Only a Dlink workaround was suggested -- and it was noted that the Dlink alarm connected thru IFTTT is *not*loud enough to scare away intruder.


-- Controllable alarm is requested --  because


----- you don't want to wake the entire neighborhood if you are successful in scaring the burglar away with just a pulse or short blast of the Alarm. A controllable accessory Alarm you could mount inside (or outside) would make this system very solid. 


----- If the person persists, you could sound a louder alarm for a longer period, so that neighbors will call police or be warned there is danger in the area.


Scaring away the intruder is crucial --because thieves often *do not mind being on camera* and they know that police never show up in time to stop them from stealing.


------ A burglar who does not hear a loud alarm will simply continue robbing the house--even if he has seen or stolen your Arlo camera already..


So the Arlo system needs a loud, outdoor, controllable-from-the-app alarm.

(Contollable as to volume and length of alarm blast.)



Hi, I think a wifi battery powered alarm that you could activate through the app and scare away would be camera thiefs or would be intruders would be a great addition.
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 Yes I agree that a wireless alarm that could be activated manually through the Arlo app/base station would be good. You see so often where crooks ignore security cameras but scamper when an alarm goes off. I have thought of buying another brand alarm but would also have to buy a base station so gets a bit expensive, also two apps to deal with. 


I would like to make a suggestion for future product capability. It would be nice to have a less expensive motion detection-only device available as an option, that could be installed in various parts of a house, for instance. Also, it would be nice to have an option so that if any of those motion detectors were tripped, you could set up a mode that would allow a siren to sound. So, that would also require that you have a siren type product available as well that was controlled by the base station.

One application Im thinking of would be that you could be alerted if you were in the house asleep and someone who entered triggered a motion detector.

Is this something that sounds like it might be a possibility?


I know the new Arlo Pro base station has a built in alarm, but an alarm that could be placed outside either wired or wireless would be an awesome security addition.


Remote Wi-Fi A/C Powered Siren for outdoor installations.  Just having a siren on the base station does not provide adequate warning.  An external siren which is 120 volt a/c powered will provide the additional warning.  You could have an indoor verion, an outdoor version or even versions with battery backup.


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The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


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I think a remote siren is really essential for the Arlo Camera security system. If available, I would purchase at least 3. I want to make it as uncomfortable as possible for an intruder. Ear peircing sound and the thought of the police coming to catch them. As the system is setup now with the alarm in the basestation, it just leads the intruder to your system to disable it. You should take a page out of the Simpli Safe playbook. They have an alarm on the base station but you can also purchase a battery operated siren to place elsewhere. I would have purchased their system but (1.) I did not like their cameras and (2.) you have to pay for monitoring to use your cameras. From the other postings I read, I am not alone. I look forward to seeing the availability of a remote siren.


Though I'm very attracted to a Siren Unit having it only in the base unit I find rather odd.

First of all I don't really want the intruder to know where my base unit is , and having a high pitch sound being emitted from it really does not hlep with that issue.

Secound my base unit is in the house while I have cameras in the garage, childrens outdoor play area and workshop. How does having siren help with all these areas ?

In short I would like to see a stand alone siren that can be plugged in and be triggered by the same actions that currently trigger the siren in the base unit.


I'd like to see an outdoor siren.


All my 7 cameras are also outdoor .

This is A must have , put a price on it and I will buy it.