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Outdoor alarm add-on or accessory to scare away intruder without waking neighborhood

-- I'm suggesting an External siren I can choose to *pulse quickly* a few short blasts --  or let it go continuously for 30 secs., or 60 secs., etc.

-- In the Forum, it lists the outdoor alarm issue as Solved ----- but it is *not* solved.

 Only a Dlink workaround was suggested -- and it was noted that the Dlink alarm connected thru IFTTT is *not*loud enough to scare away intruder.


-- Controllable alarm is requested --  because


----- you don't want to wake the entire neighborhood if you are successful in scaring the burglar away with just a pulse or short blast of the Alarm. A controllable accessory Alarm you could mount inside (or outside) would make this system very solid. 


----- If the person persists, you could sound a louder alarm for a longer period, so that neighbors will call police or be warned there is danger in the area.


Scaring away the intruder is crucial --because thieves often *do not mind being on camera* and they know that police never show up in time to stop them from stealing.


------ A burglar who does not hear a loud alarm will simply continue robbing the house--even if he has seen or stolen your Arlo camera already..


So the Arlo system needs a loud, outdoor, controllable-from-the-app alarm.

(Contollable as to volume and length of alarm blast.)



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Arlo chime is a doorbell? We need a wireless siren or flashing red light that goes off when you hit the alarm button to scare people outside the propery away! 👍


The Arlo Ultra camera has the siren built into the camera. It is not so loud that it will wake up the neighborhood, but it will definitely let the intruder know that he has been spotted. Also, later this year Arlo is supposed to be coming out with a siren that can be mounted inside (and outside I believe under the eaves of a house), and has flashing red lights.



Mash up the solar panel with a WiFi external alarm. I want an alarm outside that will be heard by the whole neighborhood!
A white box with a solar panel, in fitting with the Arlo asthetic, it doesn't need charging, acts as a deterrent, alerts the neighborhood if there is a breach, keeps all components of the system all belonging to the same brand. It upgrades the arlo camera system with internal siren, to an alarm system with one item. It's either that or I buy an siren unit from a different manufacturer, link it through ITTT. Seems stupid.
Please create a siren from outside I need security outside my house as well as inside and the fact that you don't give me a siren to allow me to scare away Intruders because it's a loud siren that's going to scare them is absolutely insane we pay a lot of money for Arlo 2 pro products and we shouldn't have to pay a lot more money for an Arlo 2 ultra just to have a siren that siren needs to be an add-on that we can include and add on to our system please help create it because without it why do we even have security

I also think that every Arlo Pro 2 customer should be entitled to get this siren at free of cost they should be at Little add on device that we install outside your home so that we can have the security that we deserve because we're already giving  you so much money for your products.


I agree with all of the posts regarding the need for separate/stand-alone alarms. Much like Arlo has introduced a Security Light, it should introduce a Security Alarm for the same reason. It should be as loud as possible, but allow the user to adjust the loudness. If Arlo's designers would've thought a little more about it - which I'm sure they did, adding it as an extra option to the Security Light that could've been turned on/off would've been awesome as well, but I'm fine with the separates. The agent's response about the Security Light not having an alarm because it's not a security system was thoughtless/inconsiderate when the fact is that with an alarm in the base, the underlying purpose of the system is ultimately about security.


I strongly urge Arlo to introduce a separate Security Alarm that users can placed in different areas of the home as needed. For example, the base alarm is great when you're near it, but not so great when I'm locked up in my room or in some other place in the house where it really can't be heard. From my perspectivem the additional alarm component should've been separate from the start.


Alternatively, find a non-Arlo solution for users who feel they need this and provide software changes that would allow us to leverage a non-Arlo alarm.


A battery powered, wifi exterior alarm at a reasonable cost that can be triggered from the app would be a GREAT asset!


I definitely support this idea. The Arlo Ultra built-in siren is way too quiet (not really a surprise given the small form factor of the camera). I should not bee too difficult to add a siren accessory that deserves to be called a siren 😉


I agree with creating an external siren device that would be activated at the same time that my base station siren is activated. This would allow for multiple sirens for large homes and for external alarms so that neighbors could be notified if you are away. By just activating your phone app, you could set off all sirens in the network. Neighbors could back you up by also notifying "911" that an alarm has been initiated.