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NAS storage and timeline search

I have been using Arlo for the past 7 months. While the hardware is great the operation is very basic for the price. The below are concerns that should be addressed.

1. NAS storage

While cloud storage is good for most people at this price point I would like the option to record locally to my nas and not be restricted by the need for an internet connection all the time.

2. Timeline search

To be frank your method of searching is terrible. It's the worst I have seen as an IT pro. Instead of image blocks, why can't you use a time line showing a grey bar with green bars showing motion recording. This makes it easier for the user to search and scroll through recordings.

3. I use Exacq for my business and the motion detection works excellent. The Arlo's on the other hand misses a lot of data which at times could be vital to an investigation.

4. Customizable views. Arlo allows for only one view to be reviewed at a time. There should be an option to view any cameras at once. Example let's say I have 8 cameras with 4 being outside and I want to view/review the 2 in the front and 2 at the back during a party I would have to constantly switch, unlink Exacq where I would just need to select the 4 camera I want to view



i voted for this but i guess this will never come.


Arlo does not seems to care (topic opened 4 years ago !!!! ).
and I don't think that verisure will be any way other (why should they ? their business is more to propose montlhy fee solution 😕


A friend of mine had the pro 1 and he told me that this is a good system (from his point of view)

for me it ... sucks  (or has so much point to improve that I feel disapointed)


Unfortunately i bought my system during a nice ofer and I installed after the "change mind refund time" 


what is bad :

1: arlo was a company of netgear (a name known for producing stuff like NAS) and does not even considered this solution ?!?

2: on the box it was NEVER mentionned that the cloud is a MUST. I was thinking it is optional.
recording 4 camera in 1080p with a slow internet is ... well you know.
3: i don't agree that what the camera sees goes to a cloud, but well RGDP joke is only here to save citizen from sending stuff like name, number or mail to a server .... Not from sending videos of your familly walking naked or half naked home not knowing that the camera may send it to a cloud 😕 
I asked several time to have an offline mode but arlo did not care (well they added it on the 4k model... meaning for me to pay again 1000€ for a multi camera system..... yeah yeah sure count on me for doing the same mistake a second time !

4: I saw review of other systems where the camera has an alarm if you try to steal it... At arlo Pro2 => not existing 😕 

5: they care in adding homekit blabla but they could just open the RTSP feed, this would give so much more possibilities than the homekit feature (I don't have apple product.... I don't plan to have one)

6: the base station .... really when I discovered that I needed to power on a device to add a close WiFi that is weaker than my asus router 😕 

7: motion detection..... it send hundreeds of videos of the outside camera because of wasp coming close to the camera... but funnily it start recording human once they are already leaving the property...  really usefull ^^ 

I'll be a bit more happy with this once they allow the camera to connect on a "normal" wifi

, to stream a normal RTSP feed and to have a cloudless mode. Then I could use tools available on most NAS to record what the camera sees. this way i could even record on my nas

But well i guess i'm dreaming. 
I guess i'll sell this entire system in a couple a months. and put some wire camera that allow me to do more than sending wasp videos to a cloud  



I have decided to give up on the Arlo Pro 2 Camera system.  5 wireless cameras and base station.  It is just not practical.  Without the ability to connect to a NAS for video storage, reliable internet connection without costly cloud fees, easy access to usb connected drive to review data, this product is just not worth the trouble.  I have disconnected and stored away the system unless in the future a good NAS connection becomes available.  Arlo customer support does not think this is valuable to their customers and I would never consider their product in the future given the present non-support of this system.  Paid too much for a system that I cannot use practically.  IP cameras with NAS connection and option for cloud storage (not required cloud), and optional power for wireless (solar charge for remote location, DC to DC converter, etc). Security is only as good as the location you can put the cameras at. 


I know this has been thrown around a lot so I thought I would add my 2 cents worth.


i have one of the original Arlo systems and love it. I am looking to upgrade to the ultra HD camera’s and doorbell. I don’t want to be locked into a contract. I love to notification setup and the ability to live stream from a smart device.


the big clincher for me now is to record to my NAS. As there looks to be no future addition of this function I will be looking at other systems.


pitty, you would have a great system if this was possible.


I'd like to have the ability to specifiy a secondary wireless network to fail over if the primary is down.  I'd also like to see the ability to record locally to NAS device over SMB or local FTP server.


Bought the system the other day and will most likely be returning it this weekend as I cant believe that a company started within Netgear fails to support storage of recorded video to a NAS device! How on earth can any company let alone Arlo/Netgear justify this other than a means to force you into an  overpriced and relatively insecure subscription service. I have a ReadyNAS  (Netgear Device) I use with multiple other devices in my house and am flabbergasted we don't have this ability with Arlo itself a network attached device! Not only that but we have to use either Port Forwarding (VERY VERY VERY hack prone) or use VPN to give have ability to access local SD storage (don't event get me started on no USB or USB-C ports) remotely! Not much of a security system is it! Ohhh sorry I forgot for it to be anyway useful have to buy one of your overpriced miserable storage allowance subscriptions. If you won't move into the 21st Century Arlo please at least move to the latter half of the 20th! Add NAS capability ASAP!


I would like to access my local security video files when away from my home LAN.  This was promised by Arlo through VPN, but has not been implemented.   I prefer to not have a subscription.  I have installed VPN but cannot access my Arlo videos.  While the VPN issue is being resolved (hopefully), I would like to be able to backup the Arlo video files to my NAS.  I can automate this process, then access the video files remotely.  I would need the file names, the directory structure where they are stored, and any passwords necessary to create this automated backup procedure.


NAS support would be amazing.  We are out in the country and have a large property. Our internet is ridiculously slow so uploading video is not possible. 


rgibson, that is EXACTLY what happened to me years back with the Arlo...

Bought it, installed it, had it work for 5 minutes at a time, the video would drop out and was horrid. It took the phone support days to come to the point that our internet wasn't sufficient, even though it actually met the requirements, the actual throughput just wasn't there.

Ended up buying ACTUAL IP Cameras, and forgoing this round-about, installing the approriate free apps, and setting up a small server from an old PC I had laying about.

Honestly, better off kicking this system to the curb, as the system isn't actually 'good', considering that we've asked for this feature for years, but NOTHING from ARLO even comes through, so in other words, you're beating your head against the wall, and I would advise ANYONE to AVOID this product, as it's BASIC, and it's not capable, and the overall subscription model is a ripoff, considering the minimal costs involved to actually put cameras in your house.

For the price of what I paid for the ARLO, I got 3 cameras that run 1080p, put a PC in that I had and bought a roll of cat5...

Just straight up, don't waste your time with this, get someone to rig you up professionally, as this 'device' will simply waste your time, money and patience, along with your broadband...

And to note, that once the call was made that it was our broadband, there was absolutely no effort to make that right, it was all just our issue as our internet wasn't capable of maintaining the upload, constantly, whenever anything was moving in front of the camera.


Worst, Surveillance, Ever...