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NAS storage and timeline search

I have been using Arlo for the past 7 months. While the hardware is great the operation is very basic for the price. The below are concerns that should be addressed.

1. NAS storage

While cloud storage is good for most people at this price point I would like the option to record locally to my nas and not be restricted by the need for an internet connection all the time.

2. Timeline search

To be frank your method of searching is terrible. It's the worst I have seen as an IT pro. Instead of image blocks, why can't you use a time line showing a grey bar with green bars showing motion recording. This makes it easier for the user to search and scroll through recordings.

3. I use Exacq for my business and the motion detection works excellent. The Arlo's on the other hand misses a lot of data which at times could be vital to an investigation.

4. Customizable views. Arlo allows for only one view to be reviewed at a time. There should be an option to view any cameras at once. Example let's say I have 8 cameras with 4 being outside and I want to view/review the 2 in the front and 2 at the back during a party I would have to constantly switch, unlink Exacq where I would just need to select the 4 camera I want to view


Netgear has a NAS range, that has an app for IP Cameras (ReadyNAS Surveillance)

It would be all kinds of awesome to be able to install an ARLO BASE app on the ReadyNAS, and do away with the base station entirely (or just as a wifi connector to the cameras) - that way, you could keep as many videos locally, and upload them from the NAS to the cloud, and possibly to another NAS outside your building.

Arlo Employee Retired
Status changed to: Future Consideration

So, I understand that the only support for local storage of video clips from the Arlo Base Station is via the USB port to a directly attached drive.  However, I have a 7 TB NAS connected to the same network to which the Base Station is connected.  You have to understand that, from the user's perspective, it's kind of silly not to be able to make use of the NAS for this purpose.


While it's possible that you wish to reserve anything that looks like network storage for your subscription plans, your differentiating policy of having free basic storage seems to strike a chord with a lot of people, and not allowing Ethernet-based storage is a bit of a contradiction.


Although I might be able to run a USB cable from the Base Station to my NAS (they're currently physically next to each other), I'd feel about this the same way I feel about not being able to use the Amazon app on my iPhone to buy a Kindle book because Apple wishes to carve out the eBook market for itself.  Such policies just generate hard feelings and create openings for competitors to exploit.  Please consider this.


Cloud only storage (or a little USB stick backup) is a non-starter for me.  I like the one Arlo camera I have, but having only limited storage, not under my control, is absolutely absurd.  Having the ability to see and record to the cloud is a great OPTION to have, but it should be just that - an option.  I would buy many more Arlo cameras if I had the option to record footage to my own server, under my control - this is especially true for any cameras that are in personal areas, such as a back porch / pool area, near a window, or even inside.  I do not trust said footage to be offsite.  Additionally, it is a huge rip-off to not expand the free cloud storage for additional cameras.  I spend a few hundred on a camera, the least you could do is give me another gig of storage.  Until these issues are addressed, you have lost a customer.


I should be able to get these cameras hooked up to my own setup for viewing/storing, rather than having to have the base station uploading to the internet, to have someone watching it on the local network to download it again.

While this is a suggestion for having local storage, the entire local usage, is a big thing.

Can't even browse the internet if someone's moving around the cameras if the bandwidth is low.


Saving/Recording Live Footage To My Own Server?

The cameras look awesome and you'd have an instant customer for multiple Arlo Ultras.......if I could save the footage to my own server as well (either internal or offsite). It's the only barrier to me buying. Tell me I'm wrong and missed that feature somewhere or it is in development otherwise it's a deal breaker. Great cameras though - well done.


I would like to see the ability to record to a NAS drive.  Unreliable internet or cellular connection with only the option to record to an external USB drive (which I have) is a pain.  Most households today are going to NAS devices which have the ability to use security camera connections without internet.  Check out Qnap and Synology.  

     Armed Scheduler has an issue.  You cannot select 9pm to 7am range, I'm home during the day but need a night time armed mode. The Arlo Pro is a good system but it can use a better interface for the users. 


Armed Scheduler has an issue.  You cannot select 9pm to 7am range, I'm home during the day but need a night time armed mode. 


The scheduler does not go thru midnight.... any schedule that needs a date change must be split into two parts.

9pm to 1159pm ( yes it covers the whole min ) and then next day 12 midnight to 7am


As to NAS, prob not going to happen

Arlo Employee Retired
Status changed to: Future Consideration
Arlo Moderator

We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!