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Faster recording

This is as it states in the subject,

Based on my test experience there is a lag between motion detection and recording start. 


So according to tests (and this is one example)


There is a street in the camera view. A car drives by at about 15mph - Camera detects it at the beginning but by the time it records I only see the back of the vehicle. So there is a 2-3 second lag.


I would like that lag to turn to 0-1 seconds.


The lag is awful. Just another nail in the coffin of this great idea. I could live with one of the issues, but after the interface was ruined by the latest update, battery life is worse, and the cloud server is often unresponsive, the recording lag is just another reason to send it back.


I have to agree about the lag with the motion detect.  I actually had one of my cameras stolen by somebody walking

up to the house and taking it off the wall.

The only video I got was the inside of the persons hand and pocket AS THEY WALKED AWAY WITH THE CAMERA.

Kind of makes the entire system a joke when it can't even record somebody stealing the camera itself.


PS: where the camera was mounted it was not possible to approach it from the side, only straight on.





I agree. I hate my system, and I'm letting everyone know.


I have footage of cars rolling by 5 feet away from the camera, and the footage starts recording after the last half foot of the car is the only thing in sight.


My old logitech would record the two seconds before motion, by constantly recording the last few seconds on the memory, it would then save those two seconds before permanently recording the motion. It was an amazing thing to have. This ARLO isn't capable of that, but it doesn't even record the full motion... pathetic.


I have one aimed at my front door facing down to the ground.... the street is literally 25 feet off camera, but when some cars go by I get an alert and it records empty footage. So annoying.


The motion detection is weak.


Night vision is awful.


Such a waste of batteries, expensive batteries. I feel worse just wasting so many batteries... I rather run a cord through my dirt... and those are the steps I'm looking into. Look forward to sticking it to Netgear when the time comes.


I wish Logitech didn't stop producing those 700 series cameras... they literally are the best. Imagine what they could do if they made them 6 years later....

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It can take some trial and error to find the best positioning for your Aro cameras. To be sure you are getting the best performance, take a look at this article: Optimizing motion detection performance on Arlo Wire-Free cameras


There are many conditions that can cause battery life to vary when using Arlo wire-free cameras. Usage and distance from the base station being the most common factors. Take a look at this article outlining how usage and distance from the base can affect battery life: What is the battery life for NETGEAR Arlo wireless cameras and how can I extend their life?



Here we are, at almost exactly 1 year later. None of the main user complaints have been addressed. They re-did the GUI, modified how videos are trashed, and I assume fixed a few bugs..

Still, there is no external NAS feature, or alternate cloud service, to offload our OWN VIDEOS! A sync to dropbox or something would be nice, so our videos are automatically synced.


Motion detection still has no boundaries. So false alarms are high, and batteries are wasted on things we should be able to cut out from detection.


There is still a lag issue. A person walking across the frame, is only caught at the tail end. This video records too late from detecting motion, thus they are practically gone (or completely gone) before the video even starts recording. Yes, I know about the positioning recommendations! It doesn't matter how a person (or animal) comes into frame, there is a large lag!


Not to mention a couple other important issues users have been begging for on this forum for over a year.

Seems that everyone's complaints have fallen on deaf ears.


One solution I have found is catching the motion via mirror before the subject enters the field of view. I first noticed that my video recording at my front door caught the subject before they came to the door. I was puzzled. After reviewing the footage, I noticed that the camera was catching motion from the reflection off my front window... I am thinking of applying a mirror to my other cameras... all in all, love the sytem.


I agree with point #4 (Alternative Storage options).



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