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Motion detection on only part of the view without sacrificing any of the screen

To explain this I am going to use a living room as an example.


The way it currently is set:


Put the camera in the corner of the room and catch the entire room - Fantastic!

Anyone walks into the view, it records - Fantastic!


Now say there is a glass on a table in the middle of the room. 

I can "crop" or "zoom in" on the table and the camera will shoot only that, so if someone touches the glass it records, but it only shows the table.


What I want: Show the entire room - BUT - only put the motion detection on the table, so the entire room is in the camera view but the recording only happens if someone is in the table view. This way I can see where the person went, who the person was, etc instead of potentially just the hand grabbing the glass.


100% agree. The front of my house is close to the street, but I'd still like to monitor it with a camera. If someone's on my property, I want it to record immediately, but I'd like the camera to know not to turn on every time a car drives by on the street.


Funny enough, that is my exact reason also! I keep getting recording of the behind of cars when they drive by - waste of battery and recording space, I just want to see who is on your property.


I could not have said it better myself!

This would be great, and a fantastic feature that exists on my DropCams. However, from what I understand, motion on Arlo is detected using IR—not pixel changes—so, it's based on mass/heat for motion. That said, I can't see any way they would be able to localize motion to a specific area. Hopefully someone from Arlo responds to provide more clarity. But again, it would be a very useful feature!


Agree!  I've used systems in the past that give you a grid pattern when setting up that allows you to deselect parts of the frame you want motion detection to ignore.  


Dropcam has a feature called "ZONES" It allows you to draw as many boxes as you want in the field of view of the camera and label each box a different name and then you can receive motion alerts when something enters the zone,  i.e.  Door or window etc.   I am using arlo to watch my driveway also. I have it up on my basketball pole  facing the house altough it does mot see most of my street it does catch just a corner where the street turns.  So yea  to many motion alerts to be very effective.   I would love to draw a zone around just my drive way and around just my door,  & gate and get notified for motion for them only


This is a feature they are going to have to add if they want to compete with Dropcam and others on the market.

I have a road in the distance (funny because I can't trigger it walking at 50 feet away, but it picks up cars at like 300 feet away driving by!) that triggers my camera. I just need to add a small exclusion box to the top right corner of the video to stop this. For now, I removed it using the zoom/pan feature. However, you can only resize it proportionally. If I reduce the width of the video, it reduces the height too. Ever hear of "black bars" or "letter box"? If I want the height to be only 1 inch, I should still be able to make it 100% wide!


100% agree




I just received my Arlo Cameras a few days ago and also was not very pleased that I could not choose a part of the image that should be checked for motion, instead of reducing the complete motion detection in percent.

I have a small part of the image which keeps moving and thus gives "false alarms". So kind of the other way around than AskMcGowen, but still this would solve both our problems.

I could choose a part I don't want to be checked and he could choose a specific part of the image he wants to be checked for motion and leave everything else "unchecked"

I don't feel very safe reducing the motion detection to e.g. 60 % and feeling safe is the main purpose of the camera for me personally.

The Arlo/Netgear Team should implement this in the next firmware!





This is just a recommendation.

Setting an area for motion but recording the whole field of view.  Many times the motion censor may kick in but the motion has moved outside of the frame that it is set to watch.  SO i would be nice to have the camera triggered by motion but record the full frame


Hello mountaindewbass


Thanks for the great suggestion I am going to move this post to the Arlo Idea exchange so it can be kudo up and be seen by the community.




Arlo Team