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IFTTT support

A lot of new "smart" products have IFTTT support, it makes them smarter. The Homeboy (where I assume Netgear ripped the idea for this product) has solid IFTTT support, so you guys should add it to beat them. Thanks.


Ifttt and smartthings

IFTTT support is a no-brainer and a must-have at some point.

+1 for this, its the only thing holding me back from buying several of them. Total no brainer and adds so much more usability to the system.


It would be neat to implement support for this.  This would allow for control over a wider array of devices, for eg, a pebble watch...The request can be sent via apps on the watch to control mode that is set.  This could also allow for a round about way to integrate IFTTT support by allowing any given app trigger to set a camera mode/recording/snapshots...Maybe this is also possible now...?  This would be great.


or shouldi say http request:)


having IFTTT support would exponentially increase the functionalty of the cameras. It would allow integration into devices and systems that netgear would otherwise never develop due to market size considerations. This integration would make the arlo cameras a no brainier purchase.  


+1 This NEEDS IFTTT support. As soon as humanly possible. 


Not having ifftt support is a major obstacle

I bought the cams 4 of them without checking .i assumed they have it . i might return them just cause of lack of ifftt .

On another note why would any company charge more if you have more than 5 cams . do you want to discourage people from buying cams this is ludicrice . the more cams u have the more storage u should have i crazy or are you people bad in buisiness models ???


The schedule with Arlo is good but IFTT would allow many of us more flexibility. Systems like Smartthings will Arlo to know when we are present or have vacated the house so the system can be armed or automatically disarmed. 


This is a must!!! 


Absoutely agree. IFTTT support would be a great addition.