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Continuously Record: 30 second buffer before motion capture trigger.

I am monitoring to try to capture someone who is harassing one of the tenants in our duplex by leaving items in the porch-mounted mailbox.

I have been running tests on the motion-capture sensitivity of the camera, and even though the camera is in a fantastic location, it doesn't trigger the recording if I just quickly walk up and place something into the mailbox.

A person or object seems to need to really get close to the camera or loiter for a good 5 seconds or so before the infrared sensor picks it up.

I have been getting a few notifications of motion-capture today that haven't captured anything at all, so a solution to this could be to have a continuous 30-second buffer to show what was being recorded before the motion-capture was triggured.

The arlo can run a continuous live-stream with a 30-second buffer, meaning it always only has the previous 30-seconds worth of footage recorded in the cloud. All information beyond that 30-second window is continuously dumped.

Then, when the ARLO motion-sensor is triggerd, it will create an "anchor point" in the live stream to hold the last 30-seconds, and then it can record the next 10-seconds to 120-seconds additionally.

This way, if it was just a dog running by that triggered the camera, you can see the dog run by up to and after the trigger. Also, if someone just quickly walks up to the mailbox or your front door, and it only takes a couple of seconds, then the trigger might be able to capture the person walking up as opposed to only catching them walking away.



I mean... it would obviously be nice to have a Full Continuous Recording option like a DVR, but this at least is a decent step in that direction for this format of cloud-based wireless camera recording.

How long does it take to trun on and rec. after sensing motion? Seems it does not rec very fast and it takes like 30 seconds to start rec. I have 5 cams. can cams communicate to each other? Like if One trips on and they can all trun on. Or two at the Same time

Add a pre trigger to show video prior to the trigger event.

Pre-trigger could work for the Arlo Q as this feature would require camera to be active continuously. However, it wouldn't be possible for the wire free cameras due to dramatically increased power consumption which would deplete battery life to quickly. Unless they can make the camera go back in time after it is triggered by IR sensor.

I just bought my first video surveillance for my home and just have the one camera (wished i had bought more after seeing the price for just one camera).  But i have a suggestion about the motion dectections (unless i am missing something in the set up) but i have my camera set up to pick up motion, which is great, but it would be nice if it kept recording the whole time thre is motion, and not just stop after a specific amount of time (mine is set up for the full 120s), example the trash truck was there and i got most of what he was doing but after the 120s it stopped recording even though they were still there..


You are a thief and is doing the following
You enter my house and notice the camera and set off the motion sensor that will start the video. Then you try to disconnect the camera and succeed (or smash the camera) to protect yourself
If this happens before the X seconds (Motion recording duration (in settings).
Will I get you on video or will you escape from the video?


After my testing with the possibility that a thief disconnects the camera I'm not too impressed.
In most cases I did not get any video. However When O plug in the camera back in the video in the cloud missing less than 1 second
I like that you get the video to the point to the camera loses connection.


 The idea is that it will in such a case I will get the video until the camera is disconnected uploaded to the cloud, even if the camera is destroyed.

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Status changed to: Implemented in latest product

This feature has been implemented with the Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus continuous recording (CVR) option.


Would like to set the delay manually between the moment when no motion is detected anymore and the recording stops. 

Sometimes the recording stops too fast and it generates many short consecutive clips instead of one longer recording.


This would be good.  I've noticed the same as well.  At least give us a 30 sec runoff after motion has stopped   


Yes, this feature would be very useful. On some previous Foscam cameras I had, there was even an option to have a pre-motion buffer time . If that could be implemented also, it would be fantastic - but the post motion - add additional recording time option would seem to be much easier to implement.