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Continuously Record: 30 second buffer before motion capture trigger.

I am monitoring to try to capture someone who is harassing one of the tenants in our duplex by leaving items in the porch-mounted mailbox.

I have been running tests on the motion-capture sensitivity of the camera, and even though the camera is in a fantastic location, it doesn't trigger the recording if I just quickly walk up and place something into the mailbox.

A person or object seems to need to really get close to the camera or loiter for a good 5 seconds or so before the infrared sensor picks it up.

I have been getting a few notifications of motion-capture today that haven't captured anything at all, so a solution to this could be to have a continuous 30-second buffer to show what was being recorded before the motion-capture was triggured.

The arlo can run a continuous live-stream with a 30-second buffer, meaning it always only has the previous 30-seconds worth of footage recorded in the cloud. All information beyond that 30-second window is continuously dumped.

Then, when the ARLO motion-sensor is triggerd, it will create an "anchor point" in the live stream to hold the last 30-seconds, and then it can record the next 10-seconds to 120-seconds additionally.

This way, if it was just a dog running by that triggered the camera, you can see the dog run by up to and after the trigger. Also, if someone just quickly walks up to the mailbox or your front door, and it only takes a couple of seconds, then the trigger might be able to capture the person walking up as opposed to only catching them walking away.



It would be great to add an option to set how long the recording will continue after motion stops. I'm getting a lot of segmented recordings because it doesn't wait long enough after it thinks motion is stopped.


I also don't understand why theres an option for "record for XX seconds". That forces all videos to record for a certain length of time, which could potentially stop too soon or capture an insignificant trigger that last only a couple seconds. This should be in COMBINATION to the first option of "Record until motion stops"


The ideal recording options should be something like:

1) Start recording until Motion Stops

2) Start recording until Motion Stops and extend for XX seconds"


OR simply:

"Start Recording when motion is triggered. Stop Recording 0-120 Second after Motion Stops"


Great idea.


An ideal algorithm is run on for X (user setable) seconds and if there is motion detected again in that time, keep recording, when motion stops, keep recording for the same duration X seconds. Stop recording after X seconds and no more motion was detected. I would prefer to see someone walk out of view than for the recording to stop when they are still in view and still walking. 


So support idea of run on recording +1 


 Arlo Pro 2 user here. I can't stress enough that Netgear needs to give us more finite controls; otherwise, this unit is going back for a refund.


The video compression is far too lossy and I just had an event stop recording in the middle of motion and sound (someone locking a door after opening it; Arlo shuts off before the person is even done with the action).


Some transparency in regards to features being developed would certainly help.


I am having this problem too with an Arlo Q, if the activity is short 10-40 sec, then it records properly, but if it is longer then I don’t see the full activity. Typically. However, I have repeatedly checked that the camera is set to the only setting of “records until motion stops”. 
There have been times when even short activity failed if the person paused a few seconds. I have tried to change the motion settings (there is a sliding scale from 1-10 as far as activity benign slow or fast); I’m uncertain how that effects things all together, but in theory it should make the camera more sensitive to slow motion (I presume). 
I am also “donating” the videos (from the library, it’s an option on the pull down on each video), in the hopes that Arlo/NETGEAR can improve the problem. 


I suspect this ploy is intentional to get people to sign up to the constant record. My Arlo 2 units start recording about the same time somebody leaves the picture area, Absolutely for 1080 video, the compression is dreadful, I've seen clearer images at 480 resolution. Not at all happy considering I spend nearly £600

New customer here...

Do Arlo reps ever respond to suggestions here? 


Your suggestion (made 9 months ago) about being able to record for a specific period of time after motion is no longer detected is:

(1) common sense

(2) seemingly easy to implement, and

(3) badly needed


I'd love to hear if they plan on implementing it and if not, why not.


So, this issue still is not resolved so as customers we can only assume it won't be. I purchased a 5 camera set from Costco a month ago. I will use this while I find a replacement then return within their 90 day policy. How many returns will it take to address this necessity for surveillance cameras?


I agree with James C.  I use to be in IT and although Message Boards are is more useful for the end user to see, once the link is opened, some sort of sign.  "Under development by Arlo Team" or "Being Considered" or "Not possible at this time, coming with the 2019 upgrade."......something to know their voice matters.

Thank you!


We monitor cameras on rental property and we actually miss recordings of people in frame, with movement vs those that stop. I would be nice to have longer recordings of the movement.