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Continuously Record: 30 second buffer before motion capture trigger.

I am monitoring to try to capture someone who is harassing one of the tenants in our duplex by leaving items in the porch-mounted mailbox.

I have been running tests on the motion-capture sensitivity of the camera, and even though the camera is in a fantastic location, it doesn't trigger the recording if I just quickly walk up and place something into the mailbox.

A person or object seems to need to really get close to the camera or loiter for a good 5 seconds or so before the infrared sensor picks it up.

I have been getting a few notifications of motion-capture today that haven't captured anything at all, so a solution to this could be to have a continuous 30-second buffer to show what was being recorded before the motion-capture was triggured.

The arlo can run a continuous live-stream with a 30-second buffer, meaning it always only has the previous 30-seconds worth of footage recorded in the cloud. All information beyond that 30-second window is continuously dumped.

Then, when the ARLO motion-sensor is triggerd, it will create an "anchor point" in the live stream to hold the last 30-seconds, and then it can record the next 10-seconds to 120-seconds additionally.

This way, if it was just a dog running by that triggered the camera, you can see the dog run by up to and after the trigger. Also, if someone just quickly walks up to the mailbox or your front door, and it only takes a couple of seconds, then the trigger might be able to capture the person walking up as opposed to only catching them walking away.



Totally agree. The most disappointing issue with my new system is that I can very clerly see someone's BACK as they walk away with some item off my porch. I do think 15 seconds is more than enough buffer though.


Yeah, this upgrade NEEDS to happen...missing too much when someone stops moving.  By the time recording starts back up they are almost out of range.


This is needed. In my case the motion has indeed NOT stopped yet the cam thinks it did. I have vids of the garbage truck actively emptying my trashbins and the recording stopped because it thought the motion stopped. We should be able to say one of these two things:


1) provide a minimum time that every recording triggered by motion detection has. I would configure it to 15 secs, then when it has reached 15 secs, if there continues to be motion then continue recording.




2) allow a runoff time from the point where motion has stopped (as others have suggested here). I would set it to 15 or even 30




This would be a great setting to help offset the issues with the motion detection.


Yes!! I have definitely noticed the object is still moving when the video recording stops. 


I don't think Netgear will be doing this for us... To busy releasing Arlo Pro 2 and making money off new products.


Would love to see this. Axis cameras have a pre setting ( like the Pro2) while active and then the record until XX time after event.  Would be great to have a single clip rather than 10 clips that are six seconds apart. 


100% agree.  I end up with a series of shorter clips with gaps in between instead of 1 continuous clip.   Would be a much needed upgrade. 


I agree.  The ability to record for n seconds after motion is detected would be very useful.  If, during that n seconds, motion is detected again, then reset the counter and keep recording for another n seconds.  So basically, stop recording only after no motion has been detected for at least n seconds.  Currently, I'm getting tons and tons of little 6 second clips... that is not helpful.