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Continue Recording while while watching live feed

Hi There,


I would like if the camera continued to record motion at the same time while watching the live feed without me having to manually hit the record button.


There has been times when i was watching a live feed, my infant was doing something cute and i wanted it recorded.  BUT, when i went into my recorings there was nothign there for the moment i wanted to capture.





Arlo, I am also affected by this in a recent theft situation. Why does automatic recording stop in live view, and how can I disbale this so all automatic recording will continue?

I wish I had known this before purchasing the Arlo line.  If they don't end up implementing this, will probably move to Blink instead which does record live view for you automatically and the batteries last up to two years vs the 1-2 months you actually get from Arlo batteries.


Same here. I wish I had gone with another camera system that offers this functionality (along with a few other features, most of which are top voted, but not implemented, ideas on here). I'm still hopeful that this, and other requested features, will be implemented in the near future...


What is the status of this flaw. Just bought a camera for my mom in a nursing home and just missed a key conversation. I had no warning that this would be a problem. Infuriating!!!


Dont hold your breath, I bought two Arlo cameras around 7 months ago and was going to return them because they dont record while watching live at the same time. But in the end after spending time to set them up I decided to keep them and just live with this reduced functionality in the hope that it would eventually be fixed but there looks like no chance of that. Without this flaw I would have added more Arlo cameras to my system by now and am still frustrated that I am not able to expand this system further because of this flaw. i will eventually replace my Arlo system with a system that does not have this flow, maybe within the next year or so.


I can not understand why this has not been resolved or answered! I just found out the recording stops the other day when I had an incident and found out going live stops the recording! The whole purpose of cameras is to see what is going on and capture this as evidence! Even if I knew I had to press record once going live, the time lapse would have missed the details. This is insane. Arlo, Netgear, please fix this!!!


Arlo considers this a "feature" which is funny since they don't mention this "feature" in the user guide. Huge flaw according to the member community......but as Arlo doesn't care about their customers, they don't respond here or take recommendations from users as I have seen other users request this going back years.  We are switching to a system that continuously records regardless of if you are watching.  I highly recommend ALL Arlo users do the same.  Maybe if they lose clientele they will take the problem seriously!


Yeah I just ended up returning mine and got something else. 


What did you decide to go with, I haven't found anything I am happy with yet.


Curious as well.  Getting a bit tired of the customer abuse from Arlo.