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Add option to Disable Shared Media

I understand from the post at that having email notifications enabled automatically shares all videos with notifications for 24 hours under "Shared media," and that the only way to disable the sharing of media is to disable email notifications...


I see this as the prioritization of convenience over security. How about you guys add the option to disable the sharing of media, so that it checks for a valid login on the browser? I would think that a "Keep me logged in" cookie on a mobile or desktop browser should be sufficient to allow the review of videos on authorized systems.


Went on here to check to see if Arlo fixed viewing and motion detection recording at the same time.  They have not even tho this has been an issue for many YEARS.  Glad I checked, cancelled order and ordered a competitor system instead, which by the way, allows live viewing and automatic motion detection video recording at the same time by default.