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Continue Recording while while watching live feed

Hi There,


I would like if the camera continued to record motion at the same time while watching the live feed without me having to manually hit the record button.


There has been times when i was watching a live feed, my infant was doing something cute and i wanted it recorded.  BUT, when i went into my recorings there was nothign there for the moment i wanted to capture.





As per this thread, Arlo / Arlo Pro STOPS recording the moment you enter live mode. Netgear staff confirm, this is intended by design.


First problem - no reasonable person would expect the recording to immediately stop the moment one enters live preview. Live view is live view, recording is recording, totally unrelated concepts. The web/app UI should at least warn the user that proceeding with live view will interrupt the recording. I bet few regular Arlo users know about this flaw.


Second problem - I'm away from home. Motion is detected and everything is being recorded. I don't know yet what's going, and since it's the FIRST 120 seconds clip that's being recorded, I don't yet see it in my library, so I click live view. At this point, whatever was being recorded is interrupted. There's a delay before the stream shows up in my browser. Then there's a delay before I click record. Many seconds of footage won't be captured because of that, especially on slow connection. And what if my stream doesn't show up? Sometimes I click play but then get an error, repeat, and then it works. Even more seconds of lost footage. This behavior is flawed and far from what one would expect from a security system.

Please fix this flawed behavior and record regardless of entering live preview.


It would also be nice to have exchanges recorded when addressing somebody at your front door.  Captured conversations could possibly be used as evidence of threats or belligerence for companies and/or police.


Live view should also not change the behavior of the camera configuration for detection/notification/recording.  There are many times I click into the camera Live View after getting a notification that someone is at the front door.  Once I do that, it cuts off the automatic recording so I lose any activity from the visitor after I click in.  In the event of a package theft (as an example), I would inadvertently stop the recording of the package walking off and only get to watch it live.  Probably wouldn't do as much good with the authorities saying that he carried the package off after I stopped the recording.

The fact that recording is stopped when in live view is quite frankly a design flaw.. It would certainly be an exception that someone would NOT want to record when in live view.. Having worked with many security camera systems, this strikes me as a deficiency that should be fixed immediately.. Is this being worked on, and when does Netgear anticipate that this issue will be resolved.? And please don''t call this a design feature....if anything it is a limitation,. Can Netgear fix this through an update or is it a flaw in the design of the system?
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While this could change in the future, currently, it is behaving as designed. If you wish to resume recording once a live stream is initiated, this can be done by manually clicking//tapping the record icon.



Thanks for the response James.. Would setting up a secondary account for push alerts allow us to view without stopping recording? Certainly you wouldn't design it to stop recording for an account that doesn't have an option to record? Please let us know if there are any work-arounds to this issue. or plans to fix it...
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No. Whenever live stream is initiated, the recording will be interrupted.




+1 this is necessity and should already be the default.


Would definitely like to see this improvement made.


Sentiment is universal among users to the extent that it is surprising that this was missed during the development of this product in the first place. There are also many other forum topics related to the same issue by many users.. James, has Netgear acknowledged that this functionality is something that most (if not all) users would like to see implemented, and are they actively working towards a solution? How do we get this important functionality (that quite frankly is standard in any serious video security solution) onto the development team's priority list? Thank you!