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Live streaming in a few hour loop

Hi - would love to see the ability for these cameras to record in an 8 (or so) hour loop if connected to power via USB.  


Make it work like most other hard wired cameras, it's always recording in a fixed time loop, and when movement is captured - have it save it off as a 5 or 10 minute block. 


I like this idea, continous recording for an 8 hour period.  Maybe this feature could utilize the local USB storage instead of filling up the cloud.  You can have x amount of hours of continous recording based on the size of USB stick/external drive that you use.


I like this because sometimes my camera might miss the motion and not start a recording that i would of liked to see.  If it was already recording i could just go back to the time i wanted to see (if within the 8 hour window).


How can we make this happen?