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Apple Watch app

It would be nice to have the app available on the Apple Watch to see the videos on the watch, when we get the notifications.

Agree, would be a great feature.



This is a fairly useless request. It is not possible with the current Apple Watch SDK to stream video. The app would only be able to do configuration options.......


I don't think it's useless at all. My Withings Home can do video on Watch OS 1. Even if implementing video into the app isn't a priority, I'd love to be able to switch modes with the watch instead of pulling out the phone and opening the app to do so. 


Withings Home Apple Watch App


 The insteon app can also stream video the watch.

@scaier That isn't video. You literally cannot show video using the Apple Watch SDK. There is no API for displaying video. You can, however, rip apart the video into a series of key frame images, beam those up with bluetooth to the watch, and display the series of images in a row. This is an illusion of a video stream and an insanely innefficient one at that (not to mention this has it's own limitations). And guys, this is useless. Between the lag time it takes to send that data between the phone and the watch (and you're phone will suffer from ripping apart the video, compressing it, and sending the cropped compressed images via bluetooth) and the screen display size of the watch... this is, without a doubt, a bad idea. 

You sound like a blast at parties. I would love to have the illusion of video on my watch.

@scaier Not when it's going to be slow, laggy, limited to a specific amount of time, and it will eat up both your watch and phone battery like it's nothing. This goes into the category of the customer doesn't really know what they are asking for and when they get it, it will frustrate them. 


If it's not video it's a good fake of such. I can watch the blades on my ceiling fan spin when looking at the Withings app on my watch. 

@HeatherABC Your comment among others display why devs ignore customers/clients and don't want to explain the technical jargon. 



Animating Images in WatchKit


^ Here's the documentation, maybe you guys can learn a thing or 2 before talking without knowing.