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Apple Watch app

It would be nice to have the app available on the Apple Watch to see the videos on the watch, when we get the notifications.

I'm a very techincal person and work in a very technical field. You do not know who you talk down to on these forums and I would encourage you to consider that.


I concede that it may not be video (I have never researched the possibility of video on Apple Watch OS1) I stated that it's a good enough video or fake that I can see my fan blades spin. That's enough for me. I'd be happy with a still image... I'd just like to be able to control my cameras from my Apple Watch. 



As a developer myself, you represent the worst kind of developer who are pedantic for the sake of being "right", I've fired people just like you. Customers don't care about the details that you care about, they just have a goal. In my case, I just want to look at my watch when the dogs bark to see what's up. Doesn't matter if it's "real" video, or a few frames. Don't be an ass, don't like this idea, move on.

@HeatherABC per here: Twitter Yes I know what type of community I'm talking to. I'm also trying to educate those in realistic expectations rather getting their hopes up for no reason. I'd rather be straight forward to the community and not promote putting eggs in a false basket. 


@scaier You represent what I perceive to be the worst type of the developer. The type that doesn't state the pros and cons of doing something and just produces what the client ask for. I've fired devs like you as well and will continue doing so as they produce an indadiquite team with un realistic expectations and bad communication alongside half-produced products that don't meet acceptable consumer grade standards. I will move on after this as there's truly nothing left to discuss other than getting attacked for noting why this won't happen. You have been informed, you have the documentation, and good luck to you. 

@scaier yup, as of the iphone 6s announcement keynote event, they announced that watch os 2 will have native support for videos. Everything requested in this thread should now be possible.

Create app for WiFi enabled smart watches.  Android/ios

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I think this could be a popular request. Thank you for your contribution!


When will an Apple watch app be available as some other companies have this such as drop cam.  It would be ideal to be able to just view the videos on the watch. Nice glances when needed.



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Status changed to: Future Consideration

@JamesCthat's great!