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Apple Watch app

It would be nice to have the app available on the Apple Watch to see the videos on the watch, when we get the notifications.
Yes, having some degree of control from Apple Watch would be a good addition to the iOS app. Watch OS 3 is on its way and Apple Watch 2 probably not far away either so it would be a good time for NetGear to get into this space.

I vote strongly on a Apple Watch app asap. I would be a great addition to be able to se what's going on
on your wrist directly, without picking up your phone or running to a computer:


Prio features:

- Snapshot/pic from cam when triggered

- Arm/disarm system

- Live stream from cams

- System/cam status


It would great if Arlo would provided an Apple Watch app so we can change modes and other basic option from the Watch. 


This feature request would greatly improve user experience!!





I personally would be happy if the notifications included an image of the action that triggered the alert. Nest Cam does this and other's do so as well. I believe this can be achived without an actual watch app (although there might still be merrit to one). The remote notification payload can contain an image. On android this is also possible i believe. 


One useful feature for a watch app would be the activation of the alarm. If a notification comes with an image that is of concern, the actions available on the iOS remote notification could trigger the alarm, without the need (and delay) of getting the phone. 


My 2c


I love my Arlo -- I now have 3 and find them very useful.


I love getting the alerts but really wanted to see the picture on my Apple Watch when the alert came in--not just "there was motion" or something similar. Currently this isn't a feature in the product.


So I created something that did this for me. I'm seeing if anyone else is interested by releasing it as a free beta.


By providing with your Mobile Phone Number and provider we will give you an email address to provide your Arlo e-mail notifications to. Once this is configured--about 15-20 seconds after you get your normal Arlo message (the time it takes for the email to move and process) -- you will get an MMS message to your mobile device including the picture from the Arlo alert. -- On an Apple Watch this shows up and lets you click the image and see exactly what is going on. 


In a similar manner it will show on the home screen of your locked phone in most cases (Android & Apple)


Currently it's a free beta that is in test mode-- let me know




I would love to see this feature added.

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Would love an Arlo app for the Watch to view stills, if possible video would be excellent, and to change the Arlo Mode on especially with the 4G cellular watch on the way.


Agreed.  Even more so with the Apple Watch 3 now.  This is a must!