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Setting of 'zones' within field of view



I would LOVE to be able to exclude the bushes that move in the wind.... or include just my front steps.


Feature request- add abaility to make inclision or exclusion zones within the camera viewing range.


I have an exterior camera pointing at my front door / front yard and it always triggers when a car drives by on the street.  This feature would dramatically decrease unnecessary notifications / recordings.  It would be great if we can have this feature.  I'm switching to the Arlo system from Dropcam / Nest, which currently has activity zones to solve this issue.


Definitely a needed feature, most security cams do support this & it would make the Arlo much more useful to me. At this point I get so many false alerts I ended up just shutting them off!


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Nate Miller (Sgt, USMC)

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You do realize that this would require the video to me constanly recorded and would kill battery life.  Right now motion is detected by the PIR and then the camera starts to record and stream video to the cloud.  Any other way would drastically reduce the life of the batteries.


if we have to raw power up the cams so we can save video files locally, on usb, flash, HD... so be it.


Night vision and motion zone control would be a huge plus!

The cameras work great otherwise.


Definitely agree with this idea. There is a competitor who has a motion detection camera which does the same thing. The motion sensor is divided up in to zones which you can select, as per the images below.


Pretty much wherever I put my cameras outside my house, there are tree branches to the side, so I have to keep my motion sensitivity right down at the moment.


You do realize that this would require the video to me constanly recorded and would kill battery life.

Not true. Other battery operated cameras have this function.

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Status changed to: Implemented

Great idea! Zoning is now available on the Arlo Q! For more information take a look at the Arlo Q FAQ here!


While having that feature in Arlo Q is a plus, given that Arlo Q is not intended for outdoor use nor it is weatherproof, I would still like to see the same feature added to the Arlo (wire free) devices.


I agree with gatchie please implement this feature on Arlo wire free, anyways Arlo Q runs on electrical power so we wouldn't face battery issues in such situation.

Me too. After a recent attempted break in stopped by Arlo. I chased the guy and recovered the property. It would be nice to get more trailered alerts. So I'm not jumping out of bed every 5 minutes.
I almost missed my opportunity to catch the guy because of all the alerts I get.
I just happened to find the alert pattern odd which made me look into it further.