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camera starts recording on and only stops when Motion stops

First of all, Arlo is great in theory. A wireless camera that is accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection? Wonderful!


But in reality, it's a system that is more gadget gimmick, than a useful, usable security option.


However, if you could make this one change in the system, I'll deal with the usability issues on the app; I'll deal with the limitations of the camera settings; the lag in response to motion; etc., etc... If you could just make it so that the camera starts recording on motion and doesn't stop until the motion stops (with a user setting for max mins), then I'd finally be satisfied.


Otherwise, here's how it works now, and an example of what I actually get: A UPS truck pulls up, and Arlo kicks in (late) and starts recording after the truck is already parked (very annoying), but then I get 30 seconds (my setting is 30 secs) of the truck sitting there as the driver gets the package from the back. Then Arlo shuts down, the driver gets out with my package and walks up my driveway (about a 20 second walk) at which point Arlo is starting up again for another 30 second clip. Arlo starts up again and then records 30 seconds of the driver already walking away after dropping the package at my front door.


If this were an intruder or someone "casing the joint" I'd never get an image of his face. Is that a real security system?? Now, if I could set Arlo to stay on and record until the motion stops or my setting (I would choose 5 minutes) I would get all the footage I need. Battery life wouldn't matter to me because 1) if the motion stopped at 15 seconds, the recording would stop or; 2) if I could capture real "show-to-the-cops-footage" I wouldn't care if I had to replace the batteries more frequently.


That said:



Anyone agree or experiencing the same? Please chime in and hopefully the folks at Arlo make it happen!


I actually made 2 different rules. 1 for night ops and 1 for day ops where the sensitivity settings are different for the cams. The way I had them all linked would be super for a hard wired system but, the the Arlo's drained the batteries too fast having to shoot 30 sec videos as I jogged around the perimeter to insure all the cams were on if I was a thief hurring through.

I have them all individually videoing for 30 secs whenever tripped. I have only 2 on the best setting for closeups and the others on Optimal to save battery drain. 1 is in a well lit area and doesn't need the IR display on so, that save batteries as well. These cameras in the "trail camera" world are known as "Battery Hogs" because the video setting drains them depending on recording time and other settings.


I'm glad I have my Reconyx SC950's poised as a 2nd perimeter shooting stills as they can take up to 40,000 or more worth of excellent images per year using 12 AA Lithium batteries before changing them out!


I still like the Arlos to check "live" or snap pics when I'm out of the area. Smiley Happy


Is there anything happening at Arlo development team? I havent seen any updates for months. People compaining about the same problems, over and over again. But nothing seems to change? 



Community Manager



I assure you that the Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. While I do not have any information on this particular topic at this time, we greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation.


I encourage you to continue offering valuable feedback and continue to support good ideas by giving Kudos.


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Please add some sort of functionality so that it doesnt just stop after X number of seconds.


It would make more sense to stop after X number of seconds of motion,  than for me to extend each motion to trigger off 2 minutes of record time.



Please reconsider this.  This is ridiculous..everyone expects that he recording stops are motion...


I read a lot of customers stating they want the camera's to work on motion only or differences in heat from something etc... Comparing that ideology to the wildlife industry of animal cameras is like saying you want a camera that only takes pictures of bears and deer only.

That won't happen, yet. The only thing I would suggest that would give you this ability is to have a hardwired system that triggers on motion and records for a certain amount of time and retriggers like the Arlos do. Those hardwired systems (CCTV) can actually be live 24-7 and never miss a moment. The hard drives in the DVR's are capable for recording for months at a time as well.

Taking that in consideration, this is why you probably chose the Arlo set up instead and the hard wired set ups are more costly and require some other type power source. I will one day install a hard wired system just because of what you mention. I will have a battery back up as well if the power goes out for any extended periods of time.

The camera systems have came a long way since their introduction. I couple my Arlo's with Reconyx security cameras as another perimeter of defense that can be seen in the "share your videos" section in the community area of this site. Again, if cost is the determining factor, you'll need to have the best to protect your investments.

I hope this helped you out some. JMO and experiences using numerous devices for security assistance.

Could not agree more. Exactly describes what we want. Motion activated and remains on for x seconds past last motion. Instant win for all

Recently bought the Arlo Pro 4-Pack and can't believe this is even a discussion.

I'm amazed at how much recording is missed between video segments being saved and new clips starting.

How has this not been updated yet for all the platforms? (not just Arlo Q)

Hoping to hear some movement on this before my purchase return window closes...


Just got my Arlo Pro 3 pack setup and really like the setup. But recording on motion start and stop when motion stops is a simple firmware software update. Lets make that happen. I will return the product and make it a point to post the review on as many website as I found all the good reviews. In all the reviews Arlo Pro was the hands down winner. I think the reviewers did not try to setup the motion recording.


I agree that the issue needs to be fixed so that the arlo continues to record if there is motion despite the time setting. Arlo is also less useful because of the lag time between motion detected recordings. For example, once one recording has ended, Arlo seems not to start recording again immediately even if there is motion. It seems as if there is some kind of reset period before it will sense and record motion again. This issue makes the camera less effective for use as a security camera.

The lag time between videos is due to a result in the refresh rate of the cameras circuitry to capture-send-standby functionality.

The cameras have to upload the recorded segment to the cloud and depending on duration of the clip and internet connection speed, traffic etc this will hamper it's ability to reset in a flash.


I don't remember off hand the refresh rate or reset time frame of the cameras if in a ideal setup as mentioned above but with my setup using a fiber optic internet blazing speed coupled with a very fast main router, taking 30 sec videos, the upload time and reset (refresh) rate varies from 10-15 seconds or more.

Yes, this allows whatever it triggered on, to be gone or not in the viewing area. If a firmware update is available down the road, I hope they don't forget about the first Gen of cameras so many of us have that allowed the newer program to be created and get up and running. Companies always strive to "do better" with thier next product line that beats out the older units.

I also believe live Arlo Facebook feeds would be more helpful and provide more knowledgeable groups of sales developers giving the sessions. The last one was all about some crazy clothes they were wearing and numerous asked questions were puposely avoided. Bad PR. 


As for now, the only way to beat this lag-reset issue is to have a constant recording (hard wired) system installed so you never miss a beat. I couple state of the art Reconyx SC950 still imagery cameras looking back at the structure to capture 3-5 images per second and trigger every 1/5th of a second 24-7. I've also include how this works in the "post a video" section.

Knowing that you bought the Arlo system so you didn't have to have a hardwired system was the intent but, Arlos technology isn't there yet. With that being said, I will be installing a hard wired system on the outside and moving the Arlo's inside where they'll be used when I'm away for any extended time frame.

I feel your pain on the lag or delay of the Arlos and if you read another post I put up about increased Arlo 1st Gen performance, you'll see what I did to help assist the issue but, didn't completely remove the lag or down time.

It is what it is, so best of luck to you and stay protected.