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Include Recording Notice / Warning Stickers for each camera

The 2 camera + base station kit only comes with 1 decal, please include 2 decals that way we can place one in each area that is being monitored. 

I don't know if the add-on cameras come with a decal, but if not they should.   Also, providing a way for customers to easily purchase/request more decals would be nice.  


Lastly, since most of the time the decals will be placed on glass it might be nice to offer them with the adhesive on the same side as the print, so they can be stuck on the inside of the window/door.




See this post for additional info - 




In the interim I'd say, why wait?  You can easily make a simple sign with most any computer/printer setup that will be a million times more effective than waiting for some official Arlo decal -- if the idea is to alert a potential burglar.  Then a little Scotch tape and voila!


I have read that by posting a sign, you are simply alerting the thief that you have a camera for him to steal before he steals your stuff.  Better to say something vague like the premises is protected by a security service.


I too would like more sticker(s) at least 1-2 more please...  We so paid much for the camera and only get 1 stciker?  Can someone let me know thanks..

Would love one more sticker myself

More security for travelers: 


As a frequent traveler to many foreign countries, I have often wished I had a small camera system to monitor my room while I'm attending business meetings elsewhere. I'm sure many other travelers have had the feeling that someone had been in their room although a "Do Not Disturb" or "No Service Needed" sign had been hung on the door when they left. 


A ruggedly built Arlo single camera with a mini-router would be an ideal solution where WiFi is available in the traveler's room.  If no WiFi is available, a cellular based "hot-spot" devise may provide the internet link needed to communicate with the camera.  A "motion detected" email with video would be a great way to answer a questions like "who took my stuff?" or "why is that drawer partially open? I'm sure I closed it before I left the room".  Even if the camera itself is stolen, the video email should provide evidence to present to hotel management or the authorities.


A video warning sign hung in a conspicuous place is great deterrent and backed up with a carefully placed camera would give a traveler a much better feeling of security.

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Thanks for sharing.



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I too just purchased the Arlo Pro 2 security camera with 2 cameras. I would love to be able to purchase an additional 2 stickers in addition to the 1 provided.  Any help on how to purchase 2 more stickers would be very helpful.  I also  purchased an Arlo solar panel, but it’s not compatible with the Pro 2, do you make a solar panel compatible with the Pro 2, thanks