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Update Snapshots at regular intervals

I've seen suggestions for an "emergency record" mode, where one click would begin recording all cams.  I have suggestions for a couple things:


  1. Allow for an updated snapshot at regular intervals, not just at the last motion detected.  For example, even if no motion has been detected for days, updating the snapshots displayed in the Arlo dashboard every hour, two hours, or whatever would be great.  I wouldnt have to click "LIVE" and then "PAUSE" on each camera separately just to get an idea of how things are looking currently.
  2. A button to make all cameras live simultaneously as well as a "pause all" would be great also.  Or, related to above, just a button to refresh snapshots on demand.

I agree with the comments on this. A user programmable interval for snapshot updates would be nice. At minimum the update upon login would be good. Perhaps a refresh button to update the preview for each camera or all cameras. 


Any update on this one? Desperate for this feature to be implemented. In heavily traffic’d areas it’s really crucial to have the first frame.


@RedCab wrote:

Arlo Pro is motion sensitive so first frame of video includes first motion.

The thumbnail used in the library appears to be 3 seconds into the video.

In many cases (cars) the object in motion is already out of frame by the time the thumbnail is picked so most thumbnails don't contain any identifying objects.


Idea: make the thumbnail selection a setting like x seconds into the video. (Or just make it 1 sec so we can see the motion that tripped the motion sensor).


Thank you for consideration.




Couldn’t agree more, I was just about to post this suggestion until I found this. Seems like something that could be implemented fairly easily too...?