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icon for viewed or not viewed

In a family situation it would be nice if there was an icon (or something) that showed that the film has already been watched by someone else.


Maybe also if you could enable a notificaion saying "Film att am 09.53 watched by Steven".

Then you would first get an notification about movements from a camera and then a notification that it already is checked and you can continue with what ever you were doing, without any interuption for checking the arlo app.



Patrik P


I agree - this would be great.  Especially if it were tied into account administrative rights.  For example, if your teenager comes home a 2:00 am, maybe dont allow THEM viewing it to show as "aknowledged" - only an administrator would mark it so.


Just a thought!


I strongly agree, and not only for a shared/family setting. Even as a single user it would be very useful to know which clips I have viewed and which I still need to check for suspicious activity, exponentially more so as the number of alerts grows. Or is the assumption that all users will delete all non-suspicious clips? I suspect many folks don’t keep their library that clean, outside of their first week or two with the their new system.


Suppose I get notifications on my phone for 32 new recordings - a busy day by my standards but probably on the low end for many others. I go to the app and view several, perhaps randomly, but then get pulled away to do something else. I come back a bit later to finish reviewing, and yes I can still see on which cameras the unwatched events occurred, but once in the library how in the world am I to know which clips I have yet to view?


It could be as simple as a little red dot in the corner of the thumbnail in the library if the clip has yet to be viewed. And while we’re at it, maybe make the little green dot on the day red if there are unwatched clips that day? Ooh ooh and let users filter on viewed status? Getting greedy I know 😉


In a shared/family setting the easy first step would be to keep a clip marked as unwatched until it is viewed by anyone with access. Could add privilege level options and other complexity down the road.


My two cents. Love the system so far but to me this is the single most glaring issue, almost to the point of making the app useless and invalidating the point of the whole system, depending on the number of alerts.






There definitely needs to be a way to identify unwatched videos in the video library. Obviously, the new videos will be shown first but it's not always that simple.


ie: I am busy for a while and get ten video notifications. I go to the video library but an unwatched video and a watched video appear the exact same way. If I only watch 8 of the new 10, possibly by accident, identifying the two unwatched videos is cumbersome and tedious. A simple dot next to unwatched videos could fix this issue.






Hi Chris, I also have this issue!! 

as administrator of my security cameras I would like to know if any of my shared users with granted access have viewed any of the stored video footage. I have used other security cameras in the past that labeled previously watched videos with the word watched or grayed them out as an indicator that somebody has viewed that surveillance footage.