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Update Snapshots at regular intervals

I've seen suggestions for an "emergency record" mode, where one click would begin recording all cams.  I have suggestions for a couple things:


  1. Allow for an updated snapshot at regular intervals, not just at the last motion detected.  For example, even if no motion has been detected for days, updating the snapshots displayed in the Arlo dashboard every hour, two hours, or whatever would be great.  I wouldnt have to click "LIVE" and then "PAUSE" on each camera separately just to get an idea of how things are looking currently.
  2. A button to make all cameras live simultaneously as well as a "pause all" would be great also.  Or, related to above, just a button to refresh snapshots on demand.

Arlo Team,


Please add a REFRESH button to the main screen of the app so we can easily take a current snapshot from every camera and get a fresh view of what's going on without starting a recording or play session individually!



One thing that would help me is a full current state at any given time. A solution to this would be a "snapshot all cameras" function, with the option to auto-snapshot at login. Since video seems to take a while to stream (10-15 seconds from request), I think this would be a great solution.



i would like to see in the app or online that it would be possible to get either manual (like a "reload" button on top right in the camera view) or automatic (in settings e.g. when starting the app, reload the camera images) that i see a up to date image what the camera sees. Because now the image always changes depending when i last looked in the camera. But to update the pictures i have to manually click all cameras and make a live view and then stop it again.


Advantage :

1. You get an up-to-date pictures of your cameras to see that everything is good at the camera site.

2. Also power saving as this is only on request of user and not "permanently".

3. I also don't have to establish a live stream to see a current status of the cameras -> bandwidth and power saving


I would love the possibility to make a picture. Now I need to tap "play" and it will start recording a video, but in most situations I just want to know who's at the front door or how is the baby doing (still sleeping). Yes I know the video helps also, but it will probably drain the battery much more, then just a simple single shot capture. Now the home screen is very anoying. Simple refresh and have the latest sill would be great, instead of selecting every camera and play, then pause.


The minimal record option now is 10sec. Can't we have an option to make a picture instead of a video. Don't know if this will lower battery usage or triggering the camera already is the largest consumption. But you can have several possibilities.

Community Manager


Welcome to the community! This is a great idea. On a side note, in order for the camera to take a picture it would still have to wake up so it wouldn't be a way to conserve battery but I can see how it may be more convenient to click a single button for a snapshot rather than starting a stream and then taking the snapshot from there. Thank you for sharing!




I too would like the capability to take motion activated still shots like vuezone does.

1.  Option to take snapshot instead of record on motion event or every XX minutes.  I'd like to update the camera views every 30 minutes for example.


2.  From the cameras tab, put a refresh all button that will update all cameras with the latest stats and a snapshot from each camera.


3.  Give us the option to store images/videos locally (during internet outages or as a backup).  Don't necessarily need to view local storage, but just record it for peace of mind.


4.  Email me product updates so that I don't have to check back on the forum all the time.



Thanks for the great product, I'm looking forward to new features and updates.


Note that option #1 would allow this to be a time lapse camera too, and that would allow a brand new usage scenario that could help sales.


I have two cameras.  One updates the screen image everytime I view through the camera.  The other has the same image (now 60 days old) on the screen and never updates the static image.  Does anyone know why and how I can change that to stay uptodate?


Community Manager



Be sure you are running the most up to date version of the Arlo app. Also consider removing the camera and resyncing it to the base station.


Please let us know if you continue experiencing this behavior.