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Turn laptop into security camera



Like many, we have a couple old laptops that we use in our home for various media/smart home uses. Typically the laptops are sitting open with a built in camera. Would it be possible to build an application for the laptop to use the webcam to function as an arlo camera? (armed/autorecording/etc). Would make your software infinitely more useful and usable for the long run.






That would be a great idea, I have an old lappie in the shed and we have two inside the house, so having 3 extra cameras active at not cost would be very nice. By no cost, I mean to implement the cost as part of the subscription.

Surely it is something that can be done.


If Arlo got off the rear ends and implemented a lot fo the more USEFUL and PRACTICAL ideas that users have put forward, they would find themselves to be the Number ONE Best Selling Camera on the market.


Sure somethings take time, but the easy ones should be implemented first and then get cracking on the others. Don't Procrastinate, get up and get on with it if you want to be the best and reap the monetary rewards.


READ, THINK it OVER and ACT. before another company steals these ideas.