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Create Custom Armed Method



The current version of the Arlo Main Armed mode is basically an all or nothing mode (with options to manually modify to some extent).  In my situation have one camera inside for when I am not home, and 3 outside which I would like to be armed and reporting always.  With this current "Armed" mode, the only way to disable the internal camera is to shut off its features in the Armed Mode area (But due to IOS bug, not available there only on HTML).  The overall problem with that is forgetting to re-enable the camera to sound the alarm and record when I am not present. 


I would suggest that you allow for either the ability to create new rules (not new mode which is very limited) or the creation of a "custom" Armed mode where it could be used along with GeoFencing or manually so that the "Armed" mode could be used for "away" and the "Custom Armed" mode could be used when Home.