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Rules based on detection type(s)

The whole "animal", "person", "package", "vehicle", etc. detection is rather pointless unless mode/rules can be customized to include notifications based on them.  Sure, you can enable/disable "animal" notifications globally for a camera, but you can't define custom rules for it.

Maybe I want "person" notifications 24/7, but I only want "animal" notifications after 6pm.  I want "package" notifications on the weekend but not on a Wednesday.  There is no way to create custom notifications based on WHAT is observed.  You can only enable/disable that parameter.  I don't want to be annoyed by alerts for "animals" on my deck (birds) during the day - but I do want animal notifications in the evenings when racooons are mulling about.

I would like to see the entire Arlo rule-base system thrown out and revamped.  As it stands today you can't have multiple rules for the same camera.  This needs to change.  You can use the schedule and multiple modes with different rules - but Arlo has numerous bugs in this regard that make that cumbersom and infesiable.  I might want a rule to send email notifications for "packages" between the hours of 8am-5pm, but not outside that time period - WHILE wanting a rule for the same camera to send phone notifications for "people" 24 hours a day.

Filtering your library based on notification types is pure novelty.