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Temporarily suspend video and audio recording

It would be nice to have a mode called "Temporarily Suspend" that disables the current mode for a set period of time (30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr, etc).  This would allow a user to turn off all cameras but they would automatically return to the previous mode after the set period of time.


I’m going need some support from this thread. I’ve opened up dialogue with Arlo’s CEO, Matt McCrae, through twitter.  Please retweet, like, or comment on this open dialogue.  I’m thinking that we need to make some noise in the public space for our voices to be heard.  


Link to Tweet


People have been requesting this from you for quite a few years. Countless video hours are captured when people are outside playing. Ring allows you to snooze the camera for certain periods. Especially since these are battery power it burns through the batteries. Many people want this feature so they don’t have to turn the camera off and then forget to turn it back on. 


+1 When I want to hang out in the front yard, I have to turn the camera on the front porch off and then I forget to enable it again.  


Here and idea how to maybe make a quick workaround.. 

Make a macro or something that would create a onetime schedule for that day.. and at midnight delete the schedule of that day..


For those with Smartthings, here's my solution for when around the house:


I have a switch called "Pause Cameras" that, when turned on triggers the the Arlopilot app to "Disarm" the cameras.


It has a timer on it that after 30 minutes it turns off. When it turns off it sets the Cameras back to my "Home" setting.


I have Alexa routines for "Pause Cameras" and "Resume Cameras" so I can just run them at home. 


It has a few gotchas (if you pause, then leave before the 30 min is up, at 30 min it will set them to "Home" Mode) but for the time being is working well. 


🛑 News alert to Netgear: the amount of storage taken up by useless lawnmowers on your servers costs you more $ than if you’d program a darn snooze in the app.


Please consider adding a PAUSE option to the armed cameras.  I want the ability to disarm for an hour or 2 hours or 3 hours.   I am having a family gathering and I don't need the cameras to record or send me notifications.  I want to Disarm, but I don't want to have to remember to go back and arm the cameras.  I want an option that says Disarm for a set time.  Then I select the time.  That could be 30 minutes, 1 hour, up to 8 or 10 hours.  Or it could be for a set time.  For instance, Disarm until ___________.  And I select 10 p.m., when I know heavy traffic will be gone and I want the cameras ready for bedtime.  I don't care if this were a premium feature in the Smart subscription, but I think Arlo needs this feature.  There have been times where I disarm and then don't remember to arm the cameras again.


Considering selling my Arlo system. They only dump some R&D dollars into new hardware, but never update their software feature set.  A company that can't respond to a very simple user request in 3 years should be indicative to others that they also won't be adding support for their new flashy hardware either.  At bare minimum give the community some feedback... I encourage everyone to take their frustrations to Amazon and other sites to leave reviews of your real experiences.  This is ridiculous. 




Surely they can take some of the money raised during the recent IPO and complete this “Engineering Investigation.”


If you don’t care to implement the enhancement request, at the very least change the status on the suggestion to decline so we know where this stands.  Lack of feedback is the worst kind of feedback.

How about adding an option in the app to disarm for X hours (and the auto Arm).
Would need this feature to prevent the system spamming when kids go outside the house to play. If I manually disarm, I dont necessarily remember to Arm the system anymore. Scheduling is too complicated to use since the time/days vary.