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Siren activation based on person detection.

The only reason I would need a siren is it a person enters my fenced in area at night to wake me and prepare myself. I have no use for a siren to sound when a neighbor hood car walks through my yard, or a moth flies around my camera. If I'm paying extra to have "Arlo smart" that can detect people, why wouldn't I have the ability to sound the siren based on what the "smart" functions detect?

 Neighborhood Cat*


I purchased Arlo smart exactly for this reason, and was actulayy quite disappointed to see that the only added value I got was notifications, but I cannot tell the system to act on those smart notifications.


For me, the Arlo smart plan is not giving me the value I need until we can also act on those smart notifications. So very appreciated feature if it gets added I am sure from all users, and might bring some more subscribers as well for you at Arlo 🙂


At the moment the siren is not very useful.

Who wants a siren to go off at home because a cat is walking past the camera in the garden?

The smart notifications are a very good feature.

Why not allow the siren to go off based on the smart notifications?

For instance most users will want the siren to trigger only when people are detected

Arlo, please, please give us more functionality with the Cameras, chime, and base station!

What would be great is a setting to where when a camera detects a person, and only a person, it can sound the alarm!

Arlo, this should be an easy fix with a software update , please please fix and as soon as possible 


I canceled my Arlo Smart now due to the lack of this feature. Hope it will come soon, would be awesome!


I completely agree. I have also canceled my arlo smart plan because of this missing feature.


Also agreed with this. Just purchased Arlo and did not realise this limitation. Siren would be so much more useful if it only activated when a person is detected. Otherwise, as per the first night I used them, the siren goes off every time a cat walks past


This thread is soon celebrating 2 years 🙂

still no news form Arlo on this?


I have never felt so mixed about a company and a product.

Great hardware and terrible software and terrible customer service.

How can they ignore a request like this one?

What is the point of a siren if you can't make it sound when it actually matters?


And customer service stops responding when you ask a question that points at real bugs in their software.

The best one for me was when I realised that customer service did not understand the issue because the person I was talking to had never used an Arlo camera in their life (they admitted to that candidly!)