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Siren activation based on person detection.

The only reason I would need a siren is it a person enters my fenced in area at night to wake me and prepare myself. I have no use for a siren to sound when a neighbor hood car walks through my yard, or a moth flies around my camera. If I'm paying extra to have "Arlo smart" that can detect people, why wouldn't I have the ability to sound the siren based on what the "smart" functions detect?

Yeah I must say as a new customer I am disappointed, feels like the hardware is not being used to the best of it's abilities in many cases.


I cannot imagine it would be complex to use the person detection feature. They could even caveat it and say if internet connection was lost then it will not function if that is the concern.


I thought Nest was bad at updating features/bugs which is why I didnt consider them for CCTV..


There has been very little news and activity from Arlo since January 2019 tbh. Many of the announcements from CES 2019 have just been “forgotten” and never mentioned again. So I wonder how Arlo is doing. It is sad, the cameras themselves are quite nice, but very little (nothing) has improved on them since 2 years now. Would make me so happy if this feature among other things was picked up.


I think they have been busy rolling out new hardware (like Pro 3 floodlight and Ultra) but that means the software issues are only becoming more impactful.

They have also increased massively the cost of the subscription plans last December, making it very expensive for people who own more than 5 cameras.

I think if they don't start listening to customers and fix their software they are not going to last long.


In particular as the tech giants are starting to invest heavily in this space (Google with Nest, and Amazon with Ring).


And those people know how to build good software if they decide to invest!


Cancelled Arlo smart plan because of this also. 


Arlo, please can you reply and explain why this cant be done. 


We need to be able to leverage the person detection to trigger the siren rather than it false alarming though any motion. The capability is clearly there to distinguish between the alarms.




Thx for sharing TheAutomator, hopefully we will get noticed at some point with enough people sharing stories like that. 


Yeah still really surprised at how poor the implementation is. Any movement sets off a siren for 60 seconds. It is useless, I'd rather they removed it and stopped advertising the feature in it's current form as I cannot see how it is useful


This would be greatly appreciated. I only need to know if a person is in my backyard, not a possum. I had a burglar in my backyard last week and of course the siren was off because it wakes me up every night for tree movement. 


Arlo - please make this a feature!


Another long term customer disappointed without the ability trigger the siren is someone is detected. Having have trespassing overnight and can only see the footage next day. It’s a A shame as the functionality is there.

One major flaw is that we can not trigger (alarm) behavior based on smart events (people detection). PLEASE enable this! Would have prevented a theft last night. Thx!

The light and siren features would be so much more helpful if you could choose an action based on the Smart Notification generated. For example,


1) IF motion THEN record video AND generate smart notification.

--Can do this today.

2) IF smart notification = "person" THEN Siren AND Light.


   IF smart notification = "vehicle" AND activity zone = 1 (my driveway in this example) THEN Siren AND Light.

--Cannot do this today.


Is there a way to do this that I'm just not seeing? All I can find is a motion detection sensibility slider in custom modes.


By the time I do wake up at 3am, see the notification, and then watch the video to see someone going into my car, then manually activate a siren, they're already gone.


I want to get the normal motion notifications, but I don't want to set off 100 dB sirens at 3am for a spider crawling across my camera lens.