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Siren activation based on person detection.

The only reason I would need a siren is it a person enters my fenced in area at night to wake me and prepare myself. I have no use for a siren to sound when a neighbor hood car walks through my yard, or a moth flies around my camera. If I'm paying extra to have "Arlo smart" that can detect people, why wouldn't I have the ability to sound the siren based on what the "smart" functions detect?

I check in on this thread every now and then, happy to see there is increasing number of people requesting this. Sad to see Arlo still haven't done anything or responded to us for years now 🙂


Seriously how is this still not a thing?! Is it that hard to have the alarm go off only when someone is detected? I would think for most people this would be one of the most important features to know when you have an intruder on your property or in your house. If you keep getting false alarms for cats and wind all the time you will never pay any attention when it really matters.


I have had Arlo cameras for 5 years now and keep adding on to and upgrading the system but I am tempted to leave so I can get this 1 very important feature that shouldn’t be that hard to change. 


I just set up my new Arlo system, and was disappointed that this isn’t a feature! I have my Arlo Smart trial at the moment, but I won’t renew it without having person detection more integrated with the app. 

- I need an option to make push notifications on iOS bypass Do Not Disturb (I.e. use Critical Notification) whenever a person is observed.

- Include calling phones as an option for alerts, so I can be notified at night.
- If person seen, activate siren!


I have the motion sensor hooked up to my indoor house lights, and was surprised how often they turn on due to outdoor motion. 


I have Pro 4 - and same motivation.  Would subscribe to Arlo Smart if this feature is in - allow us to set the rule to sound the siren when only human is detected.  (I still ended up subscribing two cameras because there is a bug in the software that the spotlight won't turn on at night unless the camera is in Arlo Smart plan.  Also, activity zone cannot be active, even if you have solar charging, which should suffice during the daytime, unless the camera is in Smart plan....)


There is no ability for the cameras Siren to sound based on Arlo Smart identifying a person or vehicle. The siren will only sound based on any motion in the set area. Please can this be sorted as soon as possible? The cameras and Arlo Smart are great at identifying people, animals etc. so please release a Beta version allowing the Siren to sound upon Arlo Smart identifying a person. 


Arlo Moderators, any update on this?


I am using a workaround with IFTTT but it is very annoying that it is not integrated into the Arlo App and Ecosystem.


My solution is for Arlo to Send an Email to an email address I use. I then have 2 email rules:

Rule 1: If Email arrives from Arlo and does not contain "Person" or "Vehicle", mark email as read and move into email folder "Arlo Alerts"

Rule 2: If Email arrives from Arlo and contains "Person" or "Vehicle" in the subject, forward email to IFTTT.


I then have IFTTT sound the Arlo Siren every time it receives an email from my email account. 


This solution works great and take roughly 25 seconds from a person appearing on the cameras to the Siren starting. A tip is to set the camera record time which detects the motion to only 5 or 10 seconds as the Arlo email will not be sent until the full record time has been completed. 


I am very happy to have discovered this solution and really hope you all find it useful!


All the best,



To be able to active siren based on ”Person” motion was the entire idea behind buying Arlo 4..


Please Arlo, fix it now!




There is a similar thread that I am also following here, it was discovered just now that we have gotten proper IFTTT integration with support for this feature. Meaning seems that you through an IFTTT rule can pick up the Person motion event, and then activate the siren.


I am new to Arlo and am trying to figure out how to activate the siren for people only detection.  I've read through the posts and am wondering if anyone has tried limiting the Smart Notifications to "People" only and then activating the siren to see if this works.  It makes sense that if the only "motion alert" is "people" then the siren would only go off when it detected a person... or is this not the case?  It is late where I am, but I will test this tomorrow at a more reasonable hour.  I don't think I'll be  popular with my family and neighbors if I start testing this for the first time in the middle of the night!


 that is what everyone is complaining about. When we set activation to only person it still sets off the siren when any motion is detected.