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Rotate image 90 degrees

I've got my Arlo focused on the walkway leading up to my house which is longer than it is wide. Arlo currently allowd me to rotate the image 180 degrees so I can mount it upside down, A 90 degree rotation would let me turn the camera on its side and have more vertical resolution where I need it.


JamesC wrote: I assure you that the Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. While I do not have any information on this particular topic at this time, we greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation.


What would be useful, if you are in a position to do so, would be to extract some information from the developers about (1) whether this enhancement request is in the queue and (2) what its priority is relative to other enhancement requests.  It's no doubt unrealistic to ask a development manager to commit to an implementation date, but given the significance of this to so many customers, it doesn't seem unreasonable to ask Netgear to be a little more forthcoming.


Another vote here for a 90 deg rotation option.  Just installed Arlo on my (shared) driveway.  To get the car in length ways, the camera is best positioned on its side.  I also think the camera looks better mounted at 90 degree 🙂

One more vote for rotation! I have Arlo Q and a really long and narrow rooms

Just got my arlo cameras and I was wondering how to rotate the image 90 degrees. Found this thread in my search. So I guess mark me down on the list for wanting this feature as well.
Same request for me. Have a long, narrow walkway to the front door. Sideways, I can cover from the door mat to the street. The camera detects motion the entire length of the walk. Right side up I get the door, a couple feet around the door mat and huge portions of wall on each side. The camera starts picking up motion just in front of the door.

Image rotation is such a basic feature in cameras that the lack of rotation reflects poor design. Failure to provide such a basic feature after so many have expressed a need for it reflects poor customer service. Good thing I only bought one. Means if I find a more functional option that better meets my need, my investment here is minimal.

You can add me to the list of 90 degree requesters. I have 6 Arlo cams and 2 Arlo Pro cams and need to have a couple of them at 90 degrees so that I don't get triggers from the street constantly.

Why not unlimited camera angles?
Initially, I thought that in addition to the existing 180 rotation- adjustments at 90, 180, and 270 degrees increments would be better.
I had written an idea update about a year ago- the idea being- why not allow a user to manually program the camera angle needed? E.g. 32 degrees, 55 degrees, etc.
I've got a camera mounted about 15' on an Arlo bracket on a branch in a tree.
My other camera is on a an Arlo bracket on a balcony, rotated 90 degrees.
While viewing either of my cameras recordings...
I've either got to disable my phones screen rotation, or I've got to tilt my head.
Hello Netgear, 2nd request.

Not sure if this will be any use, but I'd like to request the ability to film in portrait mode too. I understand that the orientation of the sensor determines the aspect and orientation that you can film in and that 45 degrees etc is out of the question, but a 90 degree rotation can't be that hard - 10 year old mobile phones can do it, I'm sure Arlo can too.


Please please introduce a feature that allows you to rotate the picture/video 90 degrees so many people want this and it would also help with cameras that view driveways and 

long gardens....

it must be a easy feature to add netgear 

Dear Arlo team, let me show you an example. As you can see, with a camera physically rotated by 90 degrees I can see the whole hallway, living room and a little of kitchen. If I mount it "the right way", the results aren't satisfactory. The wall on the right consumes 40% of the whole image. Moreover, the area right below the camera isn't visible due to limitations of the mount - it's not possible to mount it more than 45 degrees down.


We do need a way to rotate the view by 90 degrees in mobile and web apps. 






Better when rotated, no?