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Show image/snapshot when motion is detected

I get alerts that there is motion occurring. I have a camera at my front door. There are no windows, and I would like to know who is ringing my doorbell. It would be nice to have the option to have an image sent with the alert. It takes awhile to open the app and play the video. I guess a snapshot or delayed live stream accessible with one click would do it. Using iOS.


It would be good if the notification that shows up on your phone to tell you the camera has detected movement also included a snapshot image of what the camera saw/is seeing rather than needing to open the app every time to check on it.


The delay from notification to actually seeing what's happening is too long. Every time I get a notification, I go to the camera that sent it, click play, whatever triggered the motion is long gone. So then I go (on mobile btw so its not quick) back to the calendar, click the day, expect to see the recording that triggered it; it's not there.  It takes several minutes it seems for a recording to show up so why even bother notifying.


What I expect is that you notify me something actionable. Minimally the first frame of the video that was captured after motion trigger kicked on the camera, even if it's not full resolution it would be helpful to triage what my next action may be.  This first image can be immediately placed on the calendar, so that even if the video isn't there you have that first image, and maybe some icon meaning the video is coming, ... eventually.


It would be great to receive a text message with a picture of the initial activity that triggered the motion alert. This way I can quickly determine whether I need to investigate further or if it's the neighborhood cat.

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This is a good idea, thanks for sharing!


this feature alreay exists.  find out your mobile carriet's email-to-mms (NOT SMS) address suffix and use it in the email notification list. (like for AT&T)


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It would be great if the thumbnail still from a recording was the instant that the recording was triggered.  It would be a big help if the thumbnail showed the reason for the motion trigger, so we can review the recording thumbnails more easily.  At present, we have to play each recording to see what triggered the motion recording.





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Status changed to: Future Consideration

It would be great if a snapshot image was included in the push notification when motion is detected. It could be the same image that is included in the alert emails. This would allow users to quickly see if they need to login and check something out or simply ignore it if it is something like an expected visitor, animal walking by, etc.


I get lots of motion detection from passing vehicles, birds, bugs, the wind..... I think it would be good if there were a setting to only alert if motion is detected multiple times within a given time frame, 30 seconds, 1 minute. You don't know how many times I've been awakened at three in the morning only to find that a spider walked across the camera.


I have 5 cameras, when I open the app, I would like there to be a setting that would update all images without me have to click on the live feed.

Consider using Instagram notifications as an example, since they include an image. They show up beautifully both on my phone and smartwatch. The ability to instantly see what triggered the camera would be fantastic!