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Allow multiple concurrent logins

You need to allow more than one device to be logged in at a time. In a family situation, my wife and I both need to have access to the cameras and push notifications without kicking eachother off. Allowing only one at a time really makes no sense for a product that is aimed at household security. I have a LOT of devices and I use several at once.


By the way, this is not the same thing as the "friend" feature which allows you to share cameras with other people (if you pay for a better plan).


Very much agree.  Not very practical to only be able to associate one mobile phone.  Just like above, both my wife and I should be able to get notifications.

Absolutely, we should be able to have it on both our phones and our iPad. Shouldn't have to pay extra for that, completely ridiculous. Needs to be fixed.
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Good afternoon Rerick and Djorg!


Thank you for your feedback! I will submit your ideas and suggestions to our development team for review and consideration.


We will be sure to post future enhacnement notifications in the form of an announcement.


Best Regards,

Christine - Arlo Team

We too are very disappointed that we can't log in with two devices (Tablet, Android, Computer) simultaneously.  We just set it up this a.m. and can't believe how we are kicked off when the other logs in.  I think worth returning for this reason only.

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Also, friends should have all access options if we give them administration access.

We where surprised and annoyed by getting logged off too.



Add me to the list. Both my wife and I should be able to be logged in simultaneously.


add me to the list, this is A MUST HAVE.

Yep me and my partner need this option too. Smiley Sad
Add me too! This is mandatory !!