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Allow multiple concurrent logins

You need to allow more than one device to be logged in at a time. In a family situation, my wife and I both need to have access to the cameras and push notifications without kicking eachother off. Allowing only one at a time really makes no sense for a product that is aimed at household security. I have a LOT of devices and I use several at once.


By the way, this is not the same thing as the "friend" feature which allows you to share cameras with other people (if you pay for a better plan).


FYI, it was very easy to setup a seperate Arlo account for my wife. Added her as a "friend" with Admin rights. It's not technically the same as "concurrent logins", but we get the same result: we can both watch the same camera at the same time from different devices. I don't understand the desire for concurrent logins, IMHO.

What dawz2 is saying is true. Me and my parter both use it at the same time all the time.

Is this issue still not resolved? Paying an above average price for just a single user is ridiculous and I thing we all deserve an upgrade immediately, preferably with audio as well. 


Appreciate if Arlo takes remedial action immediately.


Ps if I knew it's only for 1 user, I would not have bought it, ( I bought 4 nos. !)  absurd and regret!!


Me too

Failure to allow simultaneous log ons is quite a disappointment and a major flaw.  I hope they fix this soon.  I can understand why someone would return the product.


I would agree this is a major flaw. i'm liklely going to return this product

Community Manager

Some users have found the friends feature to accommodate their needs when sharing their account with other users. You can share cameras by adding the users e-mail as a friend and once they have accepted the invitation they can then log in using their own Arlo account and view the shared cameras. This allows multiple users to have access to the same Arlo system.

Multiple, simultaneous logins. Essential feature that must be added ASAP! Thanks.

This is ridiculous. I'm sitting at my computer trying to manage the cameras, I get the alert on my phone open my phone, where the Arlo app was the last thing on before it locked. As it shows the arlo app it kicks me off the website on the computer. Maddening.