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Rotate image 90 degrees

I've got my Arlo focused on the walkway leading up to my house which is longer than it is wide. Arlo currently allowd me to rotate the image 180 degrees so I can mount it upside down, A 90 degree rotation would let me turn the camera on its side and have more vertical resolution where I need it.


I have the same request. Based on where and how my cameras are placed, it would be great to see a 90 degree rotation option for viewing. 


Same for the hall in my apartement. Would be great to have this functionality. Currently all my videos are sideways.


90 degrees would be wonderful, 45 would be fantastic.    Those seem to be the angles I'm having to use in order to put the cameras in descrete places.


Since the camera senses better for side to side movement, I decide to point the cameras sideway. Now the landscape view display doesn't look so good. Would it be possible to provide portrait view display too?


This seems like a simple and easy addition that would be EXTREMELY useful.  Especially since these cameras are sensitive to movement from left to right.  In need to turn in 90 degrees to get my front door & driveway, which has a bit of distance.  The left to right sensitivity when turned 90 degrees would be a perfect addtion to this.


Thanks for a great product.  Thanks for continued updates.  Thanks for free online storage!  If this were to go away, then I'd probably go with another camera.  Thanks!


The camera can not be used on it's side. A simple fix on the website would be to allow 90 degree rotation increments!


Hi Hounddog777,


I believe your concern is more of a feature request that is similar to a post in the Arlo Idea Exchange.  Kindly read it here.  You may comment on it and give it a kudos.  Otherwise,  you may create your own post in the Arlo Idea Exchange and state your feature request here then give it a kudos as well.  The more kudos it gets, the more it will get attention and the more it might be possibly implemented.






Netgear Community Team


Let me add the request that we be allowed to rotate the image 90 degrees. We have 5 Arlo cameras, one of which is in a hallway. It's currently capturing video in "portrait" orientation rather than the standard "landscape" orientation. It sure would be nice to be able to rotate the image on the Camera Settings page ...

Please add this feature, perfect for sides of house!


I also need the ability to rotate the camer image 90 degrees.