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Rotate image 90 degrees

I've got my Arlo focused on the walkway leading up to my house which is longer than it is wide. Arlo currently allowd me to rotate the image 180 degrees so I can mount it upside down, A 90 degree rotation would let me turn the camera on its side and have more vertical resolution where I need it.


Yes please 90 Degree view. Please!



this would be a perfekt feature to rotate 90 degress.



Yes, this would be very useful. Instead of only offering the "invert" feature, allow to select between 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees 

I have the camera facing a hallway and I currently watching the videos sideways.


Before today's update I could live view in portrait. Now I can't - what's happened please?


Because I'm trying to grab only my backyard and sidewalk, and not the street alongside it (which means the camera records LOTS of cars driving by), I need to be able to rotate the camera 90 degrees.  This results in the image being on its side, and no way to watch it without rotating the laptop, or just turning your head -- especially awkward for clips taken at night, when the image is difficult to discern, as it is.  So please modify the software to allow for this rotation.  

Another option would be to sell an upgraded camera that has the ability to modify how much is captured -- perhaps less wide-angle, and/or a zoom.  



As a temporary fix have you thought about putting some card board on the side to block out the road?

It isn't very elegant but works. Will probably take trial and error to get the right size of cardboard blinker.



Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.36.08 PM.png


I just bought the system. Congratulations. It's perfect beside the 90 degrees problem. Only 0 and 180 is not enough. Please add rotation position 0°, 90°, 180° 270°



And if you could add some more brightness choice.

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I ended up returning the unit.  It was not capturing human movement 20 yards away, even when set on highest sensitivity.  I mounted the camera about 10-12 feet from ground, aimed at car in driveway about 20 yards away, with the car in the center of the view.  I repeatedly walked from the car towards the camera, or walked back and forth, around the car, but the camera would not record motion until I was about halfway between the car and the camera.  That renders the system useless to me.