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Outdoor alarm add-on or accessory to scare away intruder without waking neighborhood

-- I'm suggesting an External siren I can choose to *pulse quickly* a few short blasts --  or let it go continuously for 30 secs., or 60 secs., etc.

-- In the Forum, it lists the outdoor alarm issue as Solved ----- but it is *not* solved.

 Only a Dlink workaround was suggested -- and it was noted that the Dlink alarm connected thru IFTTT is *not*loud enough to scare away intruder.


-- Controllable alarm is requested --  because


----- you don't want to wake the entire neighborhood if you are successful in scaring the burglar away with just a pulse or short blast of the Alarm. A controllable accessory Alarm you could mount inside (or outside) would make this system very solid. 


----- If the person persists, you could sound a louder alarm for a longer period, so that neighbors will call police or be warned there is danger in the area.


Scaring away the intruder is crucial --because thieves often *do not mind being on camera* and they know that police never show up in time to stop them from stealing.


------ A burglar who does not hear a loud alarm will simply continue robbing the house--even if he has seen or stolen your Arlo camera already..


So the Arlo system needs a loud, outdoor, controllable-from-the-app alarm.

(Contollable as to volume and length of alarm blast.)




Excellent idea!  My base station is in my office and though loud, may not serve enough warning to Intruders.  My immediate thought was wireless Exterior Siren.  Battery backup makes sense in the event of mains outage OR any one camera is tampered with.

I would also love to see a "stand alone" siren ... give me a siren speaker in the same case as my Arlo Pro, using the same battery, same mounts, etc ... and I'd be a happy camper...

Another option for outdoor siren is to add a wireless N/O relay accessory that could be used for an 3rd party outdoor siren and/or to control outdoor lighting. Goal is to maintian the arlo integration and control via the application, but a powerfull outdoor siren or lighting could be integrated via the relay accessory. Control should be tottaly manual, same as the current built in siren in the control unit. This would make the system as powerfull and many traditional wired security systems that include alarm relay contacts for simmilar accessories.  Deffinately needed for all the reasons stated above.


Sirens for my outdoor Arlo Pro cameras are a must. Telling someone to go away through the speaker isn’t going to do it. Ring has that feature. Why can’t Netgear implement a patch or something that will accomplish this. This really needs to be addressed and fixed.


I wanted to have the Arlo alarm trigger the sirens and police auxiliary function on my home alarm whether armed or not.  I opened the base station and located the siren. I spliced two leads onto the speaker leads. I attached them to the coil leads of a micro relay. When I activated the siren, there was sufficient current to trip the relay.  Next,  I ran two wires from the NO leads of the relay to my alarm box(Moose Z1100).  I first ran the leads to the trigger of the siren relay and 12v power.  Now when I set off the Arlo siren,  both my indoor and outdoor sirens activated for as long as I held the Arlo siren on.  Later on, I purchased a used keypad on eBay. I wired the impulse switches of the 1and 3 Keys to my relay wires such that they simultaneously closed when the relay activated. Pressing the 1and 3 Keys on most alarms will activate the police emergency function which sets off the alarm and calls central station even if the alarm is not armed. Now I can set off my entire alarm system using Arlo. So if I see anything outside,  I can set off the alarm before a break in. 


Why can't you get extra sirens yet. I have a shop that is away from the house and a siren in the house cannot be heard in the shop!

Is an ouitside siren even being developed?

It would be great to have a WiFi and a 4G siren that could be activated remotely and placed up a tree (4G) and at the top of a house (WiFi) with a flashing light too to scare and alert passers by!

It would be a good idea if the the alarm siren could be heard from the Arlo Pro 2 cameras to scare off intruders and not just the base station. Yes the base station is loud but can only be heard inside the house. The Arlo Pro 2  cameras already have a speaker to play back audio might as well let the siren be heard from it too.