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Open APIs for developers

There are many developers that would like to extend the capabilites of the cameras specifically and the system in general.  If there was an open API that would let users access their local cameras and control them that would be great.  Also, if there was a documented RESTful API to get to the data on the servers that would allow incorporating the data into a whole host of applications.  I suspect both the camera and server APIs do exist since the original developers had to use something.  If other could get at these interfaces this system could be the go to system for developers.

+1 for REST or SOAP API. Communicating via IFTTT is too slow and effectively useless for home automation.

Very close to reverse engineering the traffic between Arlo hub and arlo servers, would rather something more official though
@Geoffreys I already reverse engineered their API. Check out my GitHub.

There is another API here:


Do you know if there is a way to register for motion events?




I´m using a open smarthome system called "fhem"


is there any chance to switch cameras to activ / inactiv by using you API?

(not Base-Device, cam1 or cam2 or cam3)


in Example

I would like to switch the Garden-Cam inactiv by EVENT, something like:

if "@home" eq "yes" AND "terrace_door" eq "open" THEN set cam1 inactiv



sorry about my worse english

@Mi-Ke, yes. You can definitely turn individual cameras on/off. To do this, you can call the ToggleCamera() method. I have added an example to the README file on my github project. Cheers!
Reviving this. Please extend the API! Specifically to include triggering of the siren.



Any idea how  I can get live streaming to work. if there an example some where?


I am very new at python.  Arlo site has session timeout issue which I try to get around that issue with your API. 




Most smart device manufacturers (like for instance Netatmo) provide a API that allows other parties to integrate with the product. You have some partners ok, but the smart things hub from Samsung is not even for sale in Europe and IFTTT is not really proper integration.


If you could publish an API the amount of integrations would sky rocket and the Arlo products be even more interesting to use. 


I already have an existing smart home system, and it's anoying that I can't integrate with Arlo!


Arlo folks, looking forward to open/supported API.


In the meantime, appreciate some devs are just getting on with it and sniffing and figuring out current api.  Looking for C# library, before creating one, any suggestions?


Agree with the other people here, looking forward to get a good API to integrate with other home automation equipment. We have brought a premium product which would even more a premium product with good API... 😄


Another thing if anyone from the Arlo team is reading this, would be great if the base station could make some low noise sound alarm (silence alarm) if detection is triggered. I want something that catches my attention during night but now waking upp whole family...thanks...